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Book reviews: ‘Story of Underwear’ sure to become collector’s item
“The Story of Men’s Underwear” was launched at the fashionable Westfield ... Their popularity developed rapidly after the teen rebellion films of the 1950s. First made by BVD in 1876, the “union suit” combined undershirts and drawers and.

AMC made Jon Hamm wear underwear so we wouldn't see his Dick Whitman in 'Mad Men'
Also, a bunch of Don Draper promotional shots for previous seasons had to be edited because of Hamm's Dick Whitman. Like ... If you're bummed that AMC has made Jon Hamm's freeballin' days on the Mad Men set a thing of the past, it's important to remember.

Brief history of men's underwear
On the other hand, all of the lacing and cinching made answering nature's call ... Boxer shorts weren't an immediate success as underwear, though. They lacked the support that drawers and union suits had offered, so men weren't crazy about them.

Quest for comfort revives, updates an old favorite
has undergone an evolution over the decades. The union suit of the 1880s, when it was invented, was a one-piece men's or boys' underwear made by uniting the undershirt to the drawers. Sleeves and legs could be long or short. It was basic underwear.

Men Finally Getting Down To Very Basics Of Fashion
The World War II guys pretty much made up the boxer market,'' says Van Wyk. ``Now just about everybody -- men, women and kids -- own at least a couple pairs.'' Hanes' cheeky research shows that these days, few men wear any one style of underwear seven days.

Lady in long johns! Time-lapse video charts the evolution of men's underwear trends - by using a woman to model each style, from loose loincloths to tight trunks
Throughout the clip, the young woman not only shows off a different type of underwear for every era covered, but is also made up with ... explaining how the union suit was actually first created for women before becoming popular with men.

Boxers, Briefs and Battles
A Union prisoner testified that hundreds of his fellow captives went “without even a pair of drawers to cover their nakedness.” Such shortages made underwear coveted spoils of war. When Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson’s men raided a Union.

VanJohan Luxury Underwear Launches Successful KickStarter
About VanJohan VanJohan underwear is made to be extremely comfortable while still fitting all body types. Made from Bamboo Rayon fabric, the underwear wicks away moisture while still staying breathable for men on the move. VanJohan underwear has a thick.

Unhappy there's no sexy lingerie made for men? Then prepare to be cheered up
American store, HommeMystere was created because there was a gap in the market for lingerie and sexy underwear especially designed to fit men. Previously, men wanting to wear sexy lingerie would have to buy garments made for women - which would result in a.

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