Underwear Always Gets Stained


Nightjar by Georgina Aboud: the 2017 Moth short story competition winner
Once Paulina had left for music school this was going to be Diane’s room, but it is her sister’s towel that still idles on the floor, always her glass of water ... December. Snow-stained days and nights hardened with ice. The boats haven’t made.

5 ways to get rid of those stains on your underwear, because it happens to the best of us
Let’s get real for a second about your laundry. Even if you do it obsessively every single week, you know you aren’t totally getting rid of those stains on your underwear ... for women (although men are always welcome!) covering the latest in beauty.

My girlfriend's underwear always has stains on it. Is this normal?
Yes it is normal! The cleanest and most beautiful gal I’ve ever been with (my current girlfriend) gets stains in her underwear. They’re usually from an unexpected period so they have kind of a red tint. It only happens occasionally but you don’t.

My dinner with Alger Hiss
Testing shoes and soap and underwear ... that the napkin I’d given him was stained or torn. “I’ll get you another,” I said. He stopped me, saying that the napkin itself was fine—perfect—but that it always bothered him to use napkins when.

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Does anyone else get these stains on their panties?
Yeah, before starting met I got the increased mucus too, and I still get the stains even if I can't see any mucus ... instead of learning about general health... I feel it wasn't always a well-balanced use of time.

8 Underwear Mistakes That Can Mess With Your Health (And Style)
Try to stick with underwear made from only cotton as much as you can, or it least make sure it's lined with cotton. If you have to wear underwear made from other materials or you refuse to get rid of ... They're always stained. Hey, every woman probably.

7 Ways To Remove Vaginal Discharge Stains From Your Underwear
Your discharge changes as the month goes on, which is why you might notice that it's always ... get rid of a stain, it's a good way to make sure you're not wearing your new underwear on the days it's supposed to be heavy! Again, the best way to remove.

How to Remove Stains From Satin Underwear?
With a few washing tips, some trial and error and a bit of TLC, your satin underwear ... will actually cause stains to further set in the fabric. Yikes! Another big no-no that you always want to avoid, no matter how desperate you get, is bleach.

10 Pairs Of Underwear That You Need To Throw Out Right Now
However, when the period panties get stained and they don’t wash out, even with the strongest of bleach, it’s time to toss them. You should also throw out underwear with any sort of stains because they always look gross. Case in point: Lena Dunham‘s.

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