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June 13, 2013: UD Replicas Exclusive "Man of Steel" Interview - Superman Super Site
The Superman Super Site recently had the opportunity to speak with David Pea from UD Replicas (Universal Designs, LTD) who are widely known for their amazing, screen accurate replicas of famous costumes from various comic book and sci-fi movies. In the.

How Gary Oldman Lured a Makeup Magician Back for One More Job
whose corpse is used as a suit by a malevolent interstellar cockroach. In Baker’s design, Edgar’s skin would be like a burlap sack that slowly fell apart over the course of the film. It called for a certain softness and transparency that foam latex.

Reviewing the Met Gala Runway: 'Manus vs. Machina' - New York Times
Ms. Swift, who has been on something of a campaign to crush her former ladylike image, seized her moment as co-host of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala this year to make a different kind of statement, arriving just after 6 p.m. to.

CagePotato Roundtable #17: What Was the Most Embarrassing Moment in MMA History? - Cagepotato
We envisioned this week's CagePotato Roundtable as a friendly take-down of everything from “Hello Japan!” to Tito Ortiz's brief and terrifying career as a post-fight interviewer. But then a funny thing happened — the UFC canceled their first event of.

Tron makeover! Zayn Malik rocks neon eye and glow-in-the-dark outfit in Like I Would music video - Daily Mail
bruja del bloque - Twitter Twitter.

50 More Suck-Tacular Gimmicks in the History of Professional Wrestling - Bleacher Report
The reasons that the Dungeon of Doom are considered a flop are because the stable was quite an over-the-top gimmick compared to many of the characters within WCW at the time and a good number of the wrestlers in the stable were either big guys with.

Garrett Hedlund's disastrous canoe trip with Kirsten Dunst -
Hedlund arranged the romantic gesture in the early days of their courtship, but the stunt ended badly when the pair was forced to swim to shore through fetid water after they were thrown overboard. He tells New York Post gossip colum Page Six, "It was.

The king of 'cosplay'! Meet the man who has been turned into a social media star thanks to his entertaining - and ... - Daily Mail
Cosplay is usually not an endeavor for the faint of heart, or the light of wallet. But one man has managed to become a star on the internet thanks to his ability to create unique costumes without the expense - and because the results are so bad, they.

Tron Legacy: Light Suit Costume – Part 2 - Clothes on Film
The 'ant head' shape of Rinzler's helmet came from an original sketch by conceptual designer Ed Natividad. Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski liked the idea so much that he requested it as focal point of the costume. Rinzler carries double disc.

Tron: Legacy - Slate Magazine
Another nifty set, by the way; when Tron : Legacy isn't submerging us in boring green-striped blackness, it gets high marks for production design.) Young Sam also meets the latex - catsuit -clad Quorra (Olivia Wilde), the last survivor of a super-race of.

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