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A strapless bra that defies gravity? New lingerie design features inner cups with magnetic force to keep breasts lifted
Using two inner cups held by a patent-pending magnetic device, the Kewi Bra, set to launch on Christmas Day for $150, claims to have a lift potential of 11.2lbs. 'A large cup size does not have to mean a lifetime of discomfort and back pain,' said Kewi Bra.

Donald Trump’s Not That ‘Innocent’ When It Comes To Talking Sex
The most explicit the interview got was when Kelly stated her bra cup size. “Oh really, check out innocent @megynkelly ... whose unplanned pregnancy gave him his daughter Tiffany. “I bet you still pull out, just to make sure?” Stern asked.

CBB turns filthy as Jemma and Trisha drop double breast bombshell AND bare all
And the booby affair didn't end there either. After watching Jemma show off her goods, Jordan's attention shifted to Trisha and he quickly asked for her bra size. Trisha responded: "Bigger than that but I’m a bigger girl, 36 triple F I think.

Apple Removes All VPN Apps From Its Chinese App Store
Apple Inc. appears to have complied with the wishes of Chinese censors and removed all major VPN apps from the China-based branch of its App Store, a move which will make it harder for consumers to dodge the country’s pervasive restrictions on internet.

'Mr Darcy with nipple clamps': Bryony Gordon reviews EL James's Grey
This from someone who has used illegal means to find her at the bar, before taking her back to his hotel unconscious, undressing her, and ordering his assistant to buy her new underwear – he estimates that her bra size is a 34C. Creepy doesn’t even.

7 Craft Lessons Every Writer Must Learn
The pool, which was the size of a comfortable Brooklyn or Queens apartment ... Different things are funny. I've stopped wearing a bra. I bet they're thinking about firing me here at work, but they must feel bad, my brother so recently dead and all.

The 10 devious new scams you've never heard of (and how to avoid them)
The days of highwaymen are long gone: today's thieves have ever more ingenious ways of parting you from your cash. Some are quite obvious: one trick is to offer you cash to put money through your bank account. Others are less so: one ingenious new trick.

Flashback: Watch Donald Trump Speculate on Baby Daughter Tiffany's Future 'Assets' in 1994 Clip
A clip The Daily Show dug up from a 1994 episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous shows Trump making a suggestive comment about his younger daughter Tiffany‘s body – when she was just 1 year old. It happened after host Robin Leach asked Trump and.

14 of the best coastal walks in the UK
Causeway Coast Way: The Giant’s Causeway Speaking of Ireland, Northern Ireland is not to be forgotten when it comes to listing the best coastal walks in the UK. The stretch of the Causeway Coast Way that runs past the Giant’s Causeway is an obvious.

A.A. Gill's Uncle Dysfunctional dispenses outrageous advice to the troubled
Never, ever, give underwear. You don't know her size. Her friends will lie about her size. She'll lie about her size. Take an old bra into Agent Provocateur and the shop assistant will lie about her size. Just going, "Oh, about a handful", isn't enough.

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