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Beautiful Japanese women model new releases from anime artist's zodiac sign lingerie range - SoraNews24
Just last month we brought you news of a “12 Signs of the Zodiac” lingerie range illustrated by Japanese anime artist and Twitter user @papao_pao. The talented artist's designs, which started off as creative sketches, were now being turned into a real.

Droga5's New Uniqlo Ads Are a Delicious, Diverse Romp Down Advertising's Memory Lane - Adweek
Last year, for its LifeWear line, Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo launched its first-ever global ad campaign. Created by Droga5 New York, “Why Do ... But while it's true that all the ads end with the LifeWear tagline, they have distinctly different.

Japanese artist shows us how to measure bra sizes with the help of a cute anime character - RocketNews24
According to the notes accompanying the image below, it's okay to stand while taking the measurements if you're wearing a snug-fitting bra , but if you're not wearing a bra , or if it's a loose-fitting one, it's okay to bend over slightly during the.

D-cup duplicity: Japanese T-shirt uses optical illusion to give breasts to even the flat-chested - SoraNews24
Japanese fashion company ekoD Works has a unique sensibility. The company touts itself as specializing in “humorous art and design,” and while pursuit of that ideal has sometimes led to tights that look like peaches or the starry expanses of the cosmos.

Japanese bra only unhooks for true love, say makers
This handout illustration released by Japan's lingerie maker Ravijour on January 23, 2014 shows the high-tech bra "True Love Tester" which the manufacturers claim will only unlock when the wearer is really in love In a long-awaited fusion between hot.

Starbucks Japan releases matcha scones and doughnuts with their new matcha Frappuccino - SoraNews24
As you can see, the ratio of dough to matcha was firmly weighted in favour of the former, making this a good sweet to try if you're just starting out on your journey towards falling in love with matcha. Compared to the scone, the white chocolate and.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spotted in Japan 【Videos, Pics】 - SoraNews24
The celebrity couple drew attention as they shopped and strolled around the streets of Tokyo this weekend. Back when they first met, Kanye West told Kim Kardashian that he would take her to Japan , and it seems the American rapper has followed through.

A High-Tech Bra That Unhooks Only For 'True Love' - Popular Science
Japan's “ true love tester” bra won't open unless he gets your heartbeat up RocketNews24.

Japanese anime artist transforms zodiac signs into lingerie, releases the collection in real life - RocketNews24
The lingerie set for the star sign of Cancer consists of a frilly blue bra -and-pants ensemble, with side cut-outs in the cups and band referencing the sharp claws of the crab and the colour tone and frills inspired by the waves of the crab's beach.

French chef Sébastien Bras asks Michelin to take away his 3 stars
CNN) — For most chefs, the award of an illustrious Michelin star is a dream come true ... Bras spoke directly to the camera in his native French, against the backdrop of the beautiful Laguiole scenery. "I will continue to practice the profession that I.

Bra startup True&Co sold to Calvin Klein owner PVH - TechCrunch
It seems likely that these will either augment or replace True&Co's existing line of products with these for better economies of scale, or have the True team create True -like experiences for these brands individually. In either case, some clear.

He's head over flippers! Penguin who was 'dumped' by his girlfriend at the zoo falls in love with a cardboard cut ... - Daily Mail
Grape, a 20-year-old Humboldt penguin in a Japanese zoo, has fallen head over flippers for this cardboard cut-out of an anime character ... Unfortunately, the course of true love never does run smooth, and Midori left grape for a younger male penguin.

The chastity bra that only opens when you find true love – or so they say - The Guardian (blog)
This ' True Love Tester' Bra Misses What Women Really Want—Then Insults Them Daily Beast.

Smart bra only unhooks for ‘true love’
Only “true love” can snap open this high-tech bra. A Japanese lingerie brand boasts its latest product is smart enough to gauge its wearer’s real feelings in the heat of the moment — and if it isn’t love, then the bra’s clasp remains firmly shut.

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