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The drive-thru FUNERAL: Japanese relatives can now pay their respects to deceased loved ones without leaving their ... - Daily Mail
A Japanese funeral parlour is set to offer relatives the chance to pay their final respects to deceased loved ones without leaving the comfort of their cars. The firm claims that the 'drive-thru' service is a first in Japan , where a rapidly ageing.

This Japanese Beauty Trick Could Make Your Hair Grow Super Fast - Reader's Digest
What's not to love ? This treatment couldn't be simpler, either—and you can do it in your own home. After all, getting gorgeous hair doesn't take expensive products. After shampooing your hair, massage the rice water into your scalp, moving downward.

I saw Amelia Earhart being hauled away by the Japanese: Woman claims she saw missing US aviator in captivity and ... - Daily Mail
Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Crash-Landing, Newly Discovered Photo Suggests

Smart bra only unhooks for ‘true love’
Only “true love” can snap open this high-tech bra. A Japanese lingerie brand boasts its latest product is smart enough to gauge its wearer’s real feelings in the heat of the moment — and if it isn’t love, then the bra’s clasp remains firmly shut.

We trolled an online love scammer to see how far Mr Too Good to be True would go - South China Morning Post
You're a single lady looking for love , so what's not to like about Dr John – username “HunkJon”. His profile photos and “verified” Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter credentials portray a respectable, clean-cut chap. He's almost too good to be true . That's.

The 20-year-old penguin began unlikely romance with the cardboard character - Daily Mail
An elderly penguin has been left heartbroken after a cardboard cutout of a cartoon character it had fallen in love with was taken away to safeguard it from a typhoon. Grape-kun was pictured slumped in despair after keepers removed the cutout from his.

Abe nears two-thirds majority in Japan election: polls - Daily Mail
A two-thirds majority in parliament would allow Abe to push through an amendment to Japan's pacifist constitution. The hawkish premier has called for changes to the US-imposed law so it can turn its self-defence forces into a full-fledged army. Support.

Japan's "true love tester" bra won't open unless he gets your heartbeat up
It’s a chastity belt for breasts! The “true love tester” bra is the world’s first scientifically engineered undergarment for women that actually reads your body’s signals. Ravijour, the company behind this peculiar product, touts the garment as.

He's head over flippers! Penguin who was 'dumped' by his girlfriend at the zoo falls in love with a cardboard cut ... - Daily Mail
Grape, a 20-year-old Humboldt penguin in a Japanese zoo, has fallen head over flippers for this cardboard cut-out of an anime character ... Unfortunately, the course of true love never does run smooth, and Midori left grape for a younger male penguin.

Japanese princess 'gives up her royal status to marry a 'beach tourism' worker': Emperor's granddaughter will lose ... - Daily Mail
Japanese Princess to give up royal status to marry commoner classmate she met in a restaurant

Cars in the future could be made of WOOD: Scientists are using trees to develop materials that are tougher than steel - Daily Mail
The global push among carmakers to make ever lighter vehicles is leading some auto suppliers in Japan to turn to what seems like an unlikely substitute for steel - wood. Researchers and auto component makers say a material made from wood pulp weighs&nbsp.

The Taste with Vir Sanghvi: Were you to eat the way you do in Japan, you’d be regarded as a barbarian
And it tells the true ... Japanese community. “On my first visit, the country seemed backward,” he writes. “There were only three or four Japanese restaurants in Lima.” Nobu spent three years in Peru making sushi and did not immediately fall in.

Japan's first lady DOES speak English as video emerges of her giving Ford Foundation speech after Trump tells ... - Daily Mail
The symposium addressed the effects of natural disasters on coastal areas. Japan endured a devastating 2011 tsunami that wiped entire towns off the map. The video raises the possibility that Mrs. Abe may have been pretending not to be bilingual as.

A Japanese Bra That Only Opens If She's "In Love"
A bra that can test "true love"? There's an app for that. Oh, and of course, a bra. As website IT Media reports, Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour has developed a "True Love Test" as part of its 10th year anniversary. The company is marking that milestone.

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