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Chakras and shopping: How a stressed-out city girl found yogic calm amid the madness of the Marrakech medina (and a nice pair of leather slippers too...)
The medina of Marrakech is not the first place that comes to mind for a quest for inner peace. With its bustling warren of streets, the explosion of smells, sights and sounds and the relentless swarms of scooters, bikes and donkeys jostling for position on.

Pregnancy postponement and childlessness leads to chronic hypervascularity of the breasts and cancer risk
Their parity history varied from zero to five babies. Under controlled domestic conditions each wore a special electronic thermometric bra to automatically record breast ‘core’ temperature changes as a measure of mammary tissue blood flow. In the.

Obama's Halftime Hypocrisy
In a series of vapid non sequiturs, Clint Eastwood's gravelly voice pinned the promise of a city—no, a nation—to government dependency, claiming that "the people of Detroit" lost almost everything but because "we" pulled together and the "Motor City is.

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