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N.J. among states asking baby product companies to avoid BPA
Letters were sent Friday to baby bottle manufacturers Avent America Inc., Disney First Years, Gerber, Handicraft Co., Playtex Products Inc. and Evenflo ... Products include some baby bottles, sippy cups and reusable food and drink containers, such as.

Energizer to Acquire Playtex for $1.16B
LOUIS -- The Energizer Bunny is taking on skin care products, wet wipes and sippy cups. Energizer Holdings ... Energizer's purchase of Playtex does not include Playtex Apparel Inc., a separate company that makes bras and other apparel.

How Playtex is using design to woo buyers in the sippy cup market
Various lid options with and without spouts are available and completely interchangeable to minimize the waste of the sippy-cup drawer. Playtex also has replaced the frequently leaky screw cap with what it says is a leak-proof Twist n' Click "bayonet style.

What To Do When You've Made A Mess Of Your Clothes
If you've just realized that you look like a child who can't hold on to her sippy cup and can't tear yourself away from ... which is great because it is a scientific fact that to-go coffee cup lids were designed by the stain-removal industry to vomit.

Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Drying Racks
The Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack is an affordable and versatile ... This drying rack is not the perfect size to use for sippy cups and lids, so you may not be able to continue using this product once baby has outgrown her bottles. Some consumers have.

Bisphenol-A: Out of the bottle
puts down her plastic sippy cup and leaps up from a plastic picnic table, exclaiming happily, "My mommy's here! " One-year-old Bristow Johnson is fretful, so in the kitchen, where plastic cups and lids form a colorful pile in the dish drain, Roberts fixes.

10 Steps for Leaving the House in the Morning With Your Baby
Leaving the house in the morning with my little towhead in tow has never been an easy ... Do as much as you can the night before. Wash the sippy cups, make the lunch, pack the bag, lay out the clothes. You will thank yourself in the morning.

Fight over sippy cup points to lazy parenting
Pediatric dentists are also arguing that sippys increase the risk of early childhood cavities because parents are filling them with sugary drinks and allowing their children unlimited access to them.Playtex, a manufacturer of sippy cups, counters that no.

'Sippy' cups are under fire
A sippy cup, as virtually every modern parent knows, is a plastic cup equipped with a tight lid and a protruding bill-shaped spout ... she quizzes all her patients about their children's drinking habits. Playtex Products Inc., the market leader in spill.

Who Made That Sippy Cup?
Like most parents at that time, Belanger bought a cup with a snap-on lid that was supposed to thwart toddlers ... In the early ’90s, Belanger negotiated a licensing deal with Playtex. Soon after, the company issued the cups in pink and blue.

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