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Sailor Moon x Peach John lingerie re-released, available now with 17 outfits to choose from! - RocketNews24
While we've mostly been filling you in on pre-order sale notices and upcoming releases, the popular line of outfits has been so sought after that they've been almost impossible to purchase. But today, dear readers, we have for you the best news of all.

Sailor Moon's Getting Sexier! Now You Can Channel Your Anime Queen With New Lingerie!
Japanese brand Peach John and Sailor Moon are teaming up for their second lingerie line ... school uniform dresses and costume lingerie sets with skirts for all 10 senshi ladies. Perfect for any super fan or lady that wants to get cartoon freaky with.

It’s time we got on board with Halloween, Australia, and here’s why
But I persisted. I remember knocking on neighbours’ doors, yelling trick or treat in a “costume” that I’d pulled together from my mother’s wardrobe (I distinctly remember an attempt at a Sailor Moon outfit that just looked truly awful.

Fan makes awesome, interactive Pokémon GO Halloween costume that lets you capture Pikachu【Vid】 - RocketNews24
Rather than dress up as any specific character or creature from the franchise, mattcyborgelt crafted an outfit that combines a Pokémon Trainer cap, Pokéstop marker, and an oversized smartphone displaying a wild Pikachu in Pokémon GO style. And as if.

Gender-Bending: 8 Impressive Girls-As-Guys Cosplays
If these guys can post their costumes on the Internet ... For example, I would cosplay as Master Chief cosplaying as Cortana cosplaying as Sailor Moon. My armor would be all painted blue and I'd have long, swishy blonde pigtails … Is that a thing.

Mining the moon could give us enough rocket fuel to get to Mars, student project discovers - Daily Mail
Planning expeditions to Earth's nearest celestial neighbor is no longer just a NASA effort, though the U.S. space agency has plans for a moon -orbiting space station that would serve as a staging ground for Mars missions in the early 2030s. .... Rovers.

The Tone Of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2's Story Mode Aids In Player Immersion - Siliconera
I'll absolutely admit that when I was 12 and both Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon were airing, I'd created a custom Sailor Scout. ... After easing people in with few sets of story mode missions, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ramps things up by bringing in Frieza.

NASA reveals the robotic ICEBOTS set to tunnel through the icy surface of Europa to hunt for alien life in its ... - Daily Mail
Because Jupiter's moon , Europa, has oceans lying beneath its surface, it said to be one of the most likely places in the solar system for life to thrive – researchers just have to burrow through miles of ice to find out. Now, NASA has unveiled a team.

Japanese Fetish Brand's New Sailor Swim Suits Will Knock Your Pervy Socks Off - NextShark
kawaii (or cute) style genre, according to Tokyo Girls Update. School Fiction features a sailor suit top, which is sold separately for 6,500 yen ($57.87) or as part of a set for 18,000 yen ($161.15), and it attaches to the costume with a pretty.

Seven-piece Cardcaptor Sakura costume is perfect for Halloween parties or anime conventions - RocketNews24
Going on sale October 1 is the official Card Captor Sakura Clow Card Arc Costume (so named to differentiate it from the new Clear Card Arc). While Sakura has worn a variety of outfits during her adventures, the costume is a recreation of her most.

'One Piece' News: Peach John Unveils Nami Swimwear; Chapter 862 to Reveal Sanji's Feelings - MStarsNews
The same company that unleashed " Sailor Moon " panties previously is back. According to Rocket News 24, Peach John ... Her set that comes with a bra set and a skirt is tagged at 7,980 yen, approximately $72.21. There will be more merchandise to be&nbsp.

Transform Your Intimates With Official Sailor Moon Bras & Panties
Each 4,980-yen (US$50) Sailor Moon Complete Transformation Bra Set comes with a brassiere, panties, and a satin ribbon choker in the image of one of five different Sailor Senshi (Sailor Soldiers or Guardians). (The attached ribbon bows are removable.

Japan's kimono-style bra and panties bring traditional motif to modern lingerie design【Photos】 - RocketNews24
Granted, this lingerie set is quite a bit different from the sort of things women wore in Japan during the periods when people went about their business in kimono every day. But given that kimono have become more of a special-occasion garment in the.

All-night, all-free cosplay event to be held at Tokyo bookstore, applications now being accepted - RocketNews24
Participants will gather at the Tachikawa Junkudo at 10 p.m. on the night of June 10, and after an hour of orientation and set -up time, will have until 6:30 the next morning to take cosplay photos, socialize, and, should they actually get around to it.

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