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Fertility doctors aim to lower rates of twin births because nearly HALF of all babies born through IVF are multiples - Daily Mail
Twins have much higher risks of prematurity and serious health problems, leading fertility experts to attempt pregnancy with a single embryo to cut back the chance of conceiving multiples - however it will add an extra $4,000 to the $14,000 cost for IVF.

Diet pills: Dying to be slim - Daily Mail
Their warnings follow the death of 21-year-old Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston , who is suspected of having taken a cocktail of prescription drugs for slimming and pain relief shortly before she died. Sally Webber discovered almost too late just how.

Yes, you CAN conquer your fear of needles - Daily Mail
This pathological fear of needles emerged when Andrew was 13 and had to be admitted to hospital to treat a leg ulcer. ... 'Nowadays, I still get incredibly anxious - sweaty, hyperventilating - but I can just about do it if it's imperative, like during.

Workplaces must give moms space to pump breast milk. Women share what it's really like. - Washington Post
Crystal Early's son took to breast-feeding right away. At 10 weeks, James was already more than 13 pounds and “hungry all the time,” Early said recently. But in just two weeks, she would be back at work and would need to pump breast milk. “I'm nervous&nbsp.

Man buys 56 cents of fuel, sets himself on fire and burns to death at gas station as customers try to save him with ... - Daily Mail
A 50-year-old man burned to death after buying 56 cents worth of gas and setting himself on fire in front of a Virginia filling station on Monday, police said. The man purchased the gas at a Sunoco Gas Station in Herndon before dousing himself with it.

Man sets fire to memorial for Muslim girl, 17, who was 'beaten to death by a 22-year-old illegal immigrant with a ... - Daily Mail
Nabra Hassanen's memorial set on fire in Dupont Circle FOX 5 DC.

The platinum standard: Hospitals shoot for the top score in green construction and design
There's always a moment when people look up and there's an 'OOh, this doesn't look like a hospital ... medical center—in the world,” Van Hyfte said. Practice Greenhealth, a Reston, Va.-based advocate for environmental stewardship in healthcare.

A rapier of steel under a blanket of bonhomie. What the bully boys of broadcasting today could learn from Frost - Daily Mail
The man who was to spearhead Frost's research team, James Reston , records that when he was first approached to work on the interviews, he discovered that Frost had previously interviewed Nixon in 1968. On that occasion, Frost had asked him such&nbsp.

How some girls are born to be anorexic: Eating disorder may be linked to brain abnormality - Daily Mail
The study, led by Dr Ian Frampton, consultant in paediatric psychology at London's Great Ormond Street hospital , will be unveiled at a conference at the Institute of Education in the capital this week. Dr Frampton said: 'Our research shows that certain.

15 items to pack in your hospital bag!
Nursing camisoles and/or nursing bras. I’ve purchased a couple of these nursing bras from Target– they are so comfortable and cute! 13. Comfortable clothing for you to get home in, like these maternity ... for items to pack in your hospital bags.

Serena Williams, with or without a baby, has always been a ‘real woman’
On Friday, the 35-year-old Williams gave birth to her first child, a girl, at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. She entered the hospital Wednesday, claimed an entire floor of the maternity ... The hand bra, as the pose came to.

Ebola can survive on surfaces for almost TWO MONTHS: Tests reveal certain strains survive for weeks when stored at ... - Daily Mail
This family includes the Zaire ebolavirus (Zebov), which was first identified in 1976 and is the most virulent; Sudan ebolavirus, (Sebov); Tai Forest ebolavirus; Ebola- Reston (Rebov), and Bundibugyo ebolavirus (Bebov) - the most recent species.

New York moms weigh in on Hilaria Baldwin, Paulina Gretzky post-baby bodies
Liz Lange, an upper East Side mother of two and founder of Liz Lange Maternity wear, praised Baldwin for putting her lingering baby weight front and center ... modeled the $2.5 million “fantasy bra” for the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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