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Students lose marks for using 'he': Universities penalise undergraduates for 'offensive' gender phrases in essays and exams
Cailin Jeffers, an English student at Northern Arizona University, lost a mark for using the word as a synonym for 'humanity', according to the college news site Campus Reform. Miss Jeffers' professor Dr Anne Scott said the choice of language 'mattered.

Tom Brady’s wife: He had a concussion last year, has had other concussions
Officially, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has never had a concussion. Unofficially, it appears that he has. Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, appeared on CBS This Morning and had this to say to Charlie Rose regarding whether she wants her husband to retire.

Poker Player Suspended Three Rounds At WSOP Main Event For Tirade After Being Told To Hurry Up
On Day 1B of the 2017 World Series of Poker main event, a bizarre shouting match at one of the tables led to two players being suspended briefly from the tournament. ESPN2 last night broadcast an interview with Tony Bracy, who finished 38th in last year.

'Biggest problem is projects left midway': Adityanath government warns builders of 'harsh decisions'
Trust is the base of any business. There are immense business opportunities in the state. But for success, it is imperative that the people repose their trust in the trade and the trader. Currently, the real estate business is facing the challenge of.

What Christianity without hell looks like
The idea that the Bible declares hell a real and literal place is no more valid than the toxic lie that the Bible condemns homosexuality. Yet the idea that hell is real persists. Why? Because over the centuries those in positions of power within the.

Libertarian Globalism Versus Economic Nationalism
He had asked me what I thought of Donald Trump his administration and I told him that while I still had some hope he would roll back excessive federal regulation his anti-globalism was badly misguided and destructive. My friend's response was vehement.

Those wishing Buhari dead are inhuman, says Adesina
And then, it happened! Sometime last year, she died! When I saw the news online, I just shook my head, and prayed for the repose of her soul. I did not gloat. No need to. Not in her wildest imagination could she have thought that she would pre-decease.

NDA & NA (II) 2017 Exam: English Practice Questions – Synonyms Set 01
For the benefit of NDA & NA (II) 2017 Exam aspirants, the Jagran Josh is providing practice questions on Synonyms. The answers to the questions along with the detailed explanations will help the aspirants in improving their scores in the exam that will be.

Forensic Nightmare: The Perils of Touch DNA
Contrary to Hollywood crime show oversimplifications, DNA is not a synonym for "guilty." You may be familiar with a few high-profile cases where touch DNA led investigators astray. Trace amounts of DNA on a knife and bra clasp in 2007 were key to American.

This is how the toilet was invented — and actually got its name
Q: One evening as friends and I were discussing the vital topics of the day, I happened to mention that the flush toilet was invented back in Elizabethan times by some nobleman named “John.” Hence, for centuries, men in particular have said they are.

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