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A couple's life torn apart by Islamic jihad
One recipient, Yara said, was Imam Samudra, sentenced to death last year after he admitted playing a central role in the Bali ... Seyam explains that the sudden, blinding flash from the camera's lights had frightened his children. Although Doris Glueck and.

Selective WikiLeaks: The Untold Story of Abu Omar
Or was it perhaps Reda Seyam, the open partisan of jihad and reputed financier of the deadly 2002 Bali bombings who continues to live as a free man in Berlin? Both Darkazanli and Seyam are reported to be personal acquaintances of Osama Bin Laden.

Al-Qaeda Ladies' Choir Struts Its Stuff in Rebel Syria
Another al-Qaeda-linked veteran of the Bosnian war is Reda Seyam: the presumptive financier of the 2002 Bali bombings. In a pseudonymous memoir published in German, Seyam’s ex-wife Regina Kreis describes witnessing a firing squad of mujahideen wives.

German accused of financing Bali bombing
A German under investigation for alleged terrorist connections after being deported from Indonesia has been linked to the financing of the Bali bombings by suspects in the attack, a German magazine reports. Seyam Reda, a German citizen of Egyptian descent.

Bomb threat '11 days' ahead of Bali attack
The warning on 1 October did not specify Bali as a target but predicted a large-scale attack linked to the international al-Qa'ida terrorist network. It followed the arrest in Indonesia in mid-September of Seyam Reda, a German-born Arab captured with video.

Bomb organisers fought in Afghanistan
Key organisers of the Bali bombing were members of an exclusive group called ... Mr Yara said BIN believed a German national of Middle Eastern descent, Reda Seyam, who was arrested in September, was also as "very important player" in terrorist attacks.

Germany angered over legal ruling to allow Islamist to name son Jihad
Germans are also incensed that the taxpayer must foot the bill for tens of thousands of euros for Egyptian-born Reda Seyam's court costs in winning ... him as being a "string-puller" behind the Bali bombings of 2002 which killed 200 mostly young holidaymakers.

'I was drunk and angry': Great-grandfather confesses to gun rampage at senior center and shooting two women for interfering in his relationship with another resident
Mike Reda's videotaped interrogation with Detroit police detectives was played in court on Thursday during a hearing at which a judge determined there was enough evidence for him to stand trial on two counts of first-degree murder, assault with intent to.

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