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Recycling con: Millions of tons end up in landfill as officials admit success is exaggerated
Millions of tons of rubbish carefully sorted by families for recycling has been buried in landfill. After years of denials, officials admitted yesterday that much of the waste councils claim to have recycled is turned away by depots. A paper from the.

Where do your old clothes go?
There's a moment of magic where a gift turns into a commodity Dr Andrew Brooks, King's College London And, encouraged by charities and recycling ... bra ended up in Senegal. I think they would think that was a good use of it Ian Falkingham, Oxfam Out.

Fish net recycling: Money for old rope
Irish recycling companies are travelling to an event in Norway in September in the hope they can capitalise on opportunities to turn the scourge of abandoned fishing nets into an economic bonus. The idea is the brainchild of Macroom E, a company formed by.

Norris The Cat 'Burglar' Steals Bras From Neighbors
presumably taken from trash or recycling bins, last year. The couple started to think Norris wasn't just kitten around when the cat started dragging in items that included towels, dish cloths, baby clothes and even bras. "At first we thought it was funny.

Our World: Unwanted underwear supports Oxfam charity
mountain of bras donated to Coventry’s Oxfam shop in Hertford Street. And more than 300 have flooded in over the last three weeks as part of the charity’s drive to boost the profile of bra recycling. Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt is urging women to.

Don't bin them: You can mail back your used Nespresso coffee pods
This is the future. The planet is not ours. It will be for our kids." Oxfam Australia also responded to the Nespresso's recycling program, calling on customers to be wary and promoted its own coffee pod which is made out of biodegradable plastic.

Ever wondered where your bra goes after donating it to charity? It could be being worn by a woman in West Africa
And if you've donated a bra to an Oxfam shop in recent times ... workers sift through garments and decide which items are suitable to be shipped to a clothes recycling initiative in Senegal, called Frip Ethique. Frip = the local term for second hand.

Second Hand Chic: Novelist KATHY LETTE says we should follow fashion's A-list
I was mulling over the poor state of my finances while in Australia recently when one of my sisters asked ... the council collected whatever was left to take to the tip. It’s efficient recycling. After all, one woman’s trash is another woman’s.

Australia lost $4.8b in 2014 to tax-dodging multinationals: Oxfam
90 per cent of Australia's lost corporate tax, a new report from Oxfam has revealed. The top three offshore financial centres used by those multinationals operating in Australia were Switzerland, Singapore, and the Netherlands. On a global basis.

Hunter Hero: Rachel Prest, bra-recycling charity organiser
But this is the first year market founder Rachel Prest ... bras for the drive. The Uplift Project distributes donated bras to women in impoverished communities throughout the Asia-Pacific region (including to indigenous women in remote areas of Australia.

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