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Kenya businesses prepare for short-term slowdown amid fresh elections -
FILE PHOTO: Kenyan workers prepare men's underwear at the Hela intimates export processing zone (EPZ) limited factory in Athi River, near Nairobi, Kenya, July 27, 2017. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya/File Photo&nbsp.

“The Only Good Muslim Is a Dead Muslim” - New Republic
Outside the plant, there were stories that Somali women who refused to use tampons had dripped menstrual blood through the local Wal-Mart , that a riot of Somali men had broken out in a local parking lot, that a gang of Somalis wielding machetes had.

Eighty-three people refused to leave their homes on the north London estate. - Daily Mail
A woman scooped up her pet cat in a box as she was hurried out. Residents .... We can confirm that all Fire Risk Assessments for the Pendleton blocks are up to date and to reassure our residents on Friday of last week we announced an independent review.

'We survived shark attacks': Incredible stories of near misses, human resilience and bravery -
A British woman survived being attacked by a shark while snorkelling off the coast of Ascension Island. Her husband punched the shark on the ... Dean called he made every effort to reassure us Frankie was alive and OK. “But your first thought when you.

Tracy Morgan mines his near-death experience for jokes in Netflix special - USA TODAY
In Tracy Morgan's first comedy special since his near-fatal accident in 2014, he's different from the silly Tracy Morgan fans know from Saturday Night Live: He's more insightful. “We can get right to it. Everybody knows I got hit by the (expletive.

Can a genetic test really boost your odds of becoming pregnant? - STAT
The hitch: Top reproductive endocrinologists point out that there's no evidence the $950 DNA test can actually help women conceive. And even the company's founder and CEO acknowledges the test can't provide clear and definitive answers on which&nbsp.

'Murderer! Coward! Shame on you!' Theresa May is jeered by furious crowd and hurries back to her car under a heavy ... - Daily Mail
Theresa May was jeered tonight by an angry crowd after she met survivors of the Grenfell inferno but failed to address people demanding a response to the devastating fire. The Prime Minister was barricaded inside the St Clement's Church for around 30&nbsp.

Clay County high school teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with minor a 'handful of times' - First Coast News
I want to reassure all parents and guardians that at the end of a thorough investigation, if founded, appropriate action will be taken against the employee. It is imperative that every member in the community knows we take this type of allegation.

Amazing aerial pictures show the £105m full-size Titanic replica set to be completed by this year as a part of a ... - Daily Mail
Incredible images show the £105 million full-size Titanic replica taking shape in China's Sichuan province. The ship is scheduled for completion at the end of this year and will open to members of the public in 2019. It will make up just part of a.

POWER: A Story of Cold Fusion
If major retailers like Walmart and Kroger, Winn-Dixie ... He had suffered all his life from alopecia, a form of complete baldness that affects both men and women; he was hairless, in other words. He had no hair on his head, where his eyebrows should.

Man trimming shrubs on trail finds dog buried alive - WCNC
Dog found buried alive on Georgia trail WXIA-TV.

Mattress startups make a bet: You won't return that thing you bought - Mashable
But their marketing has to balance the confidence that people will like their product with reassurance that the refund will be easy and painless if they don't. "We don't want to make people jump through a bunch of hoops," he said. "It's one of the most.

Ms. marks 40 years as feminism splinters
When Ms. magazine began in 1971, employers still color-coded applications for work. Men filled out blue ones. Women had pink. It was a time when gender discrimination was boldly streamlined. The women who wrote and edited Ms., including the young New York.

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