Prometheus Radio Project V Fcc Case Briefs


Radio activists take on FCC, media
It's unlikely that executives at Fox, CBS and NBC or the country's most prominent radio and newspaper chains had ever heard of the Prometheus Radio Project ... Inc. and a former FCC chief of staff. Hundreds of briefs in the case are expected to be filed.

Teaching 'Frankenstein' With The New York Times - New York Times
Two hundred years ago this June, 19-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley sat in a hotel on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, in a relentless cold rain caused by bizarre weather from a massive volcanic eruption half a world away. Vacationing with her future.

Big Loss for Big Media and the FCC: Court Rejects Media Consolidation Push
The case, Prometheus Radio Project v. FCC, is the second time the Third Circuit jettisoned FCC attempts to relax its media ownership rules. The first was in 2004, when the same panel of judges struck down then-Chairman Michael Powell's attempts to gut.

Supreme Court Nixes FCC's Media Ownership Changes
The cases are Media General v. FCC, 04-1020; National Association of Broadcasters v. FCC, 04-1033; Tribune Co. v. FCC, 04-1036; Newspaper Association of America, 04-1045; FCC v. Prometheus Radio Project, 04-1168; and Sinclair Broadcast Group v. FCC 04-1177.

Court Throws Out FCC's JSA Rule - Broadcasting & Cable
At stake in the case was how free broadcasters can be in the digital age to compete with multibillion-dollar distributors of pay programming over land (cable), over the air (satellite) and over-the-top. Congress grandfathered existing JSAs—via a rider.

FCC Defends UHF Discount Decision in Court - Broadcasting & Cable
That came in an opening brief filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in the challenge to its UHF decision filed by Free Press, Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ (UCC), Prometheus Radio Project , Media Mobilizing.

Justices tackle free speech dispute over broadcast TV 'indecency'
That inhibits artistic creativity," said Andrew Jay Schwartzman, who heads the Media Access Project, a law firm representing actors, producers, writers and musicians. "The FCC's attempt ... The case is Federal Communications Commission v.

Supreme Court rules against networks on indecent speech
The commission then appealed to the Supreme Court, seeking restoration of its power to penalize the networks airing "indecent" speech, even if it is broadcast ... and operates several cable networks. The case is FCC v. Fox Television Stations (07-582.

ASHCROFT vs ACLU - Blogging Censorship
In fact, scholars and educators in the field of sexuality generally agree that there is no empirical basis to believe explicit sexual material, including pornography, causes psychological harm except perhaps in isolated cases where a young person has.

Why Media Ownership Matters
During the critical two weeks before and after Colin Powell’s speech to the United Nations where he made his case for ... The FCC received 2 million letters and e-mails, most of them opposing the sell-off. The Prometheus Radio Project, a grass-roots.

UHF Discount Foes Fire First Legal Shot - Broadcasting & Cable
Late Monday (Sept. 25), a coalition of nonprofit media consolidation critics including Free Press, Common Cause, the National Hispanic Media Coalition and Prometheus Radio Project , laid out their case for why the decision to reinstate the discount was.

FCC dealt a dual blow on media ownership rules
a stay is warranted pending thorough and efficient judicial review," the court concluded in the case, Prometheus Radio Project v. Federal Communications Commission. In the period leading up to the FCC's original decision, there was scant press coverage and.

The Left's Low Power Coup - Capital Research Center
One of the most prominent pirate radio groups that led the LPFM push is Prometheus Radio Project . Founded by self-described anti-war and social justice activists in 1998, Prometheus sought to pressure the FCC and Congress into reinstituting LPFM.

The left’s low power coup
In the 1969 case Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v ... pirate radio groups that led the LPFM push is Prometheus Radio Project. Founded by self-described anti-war and social justice activists in 1998, Prometheus sought to pressure the FCC and Congress into.

Municipal Broadband Providers Back FCC's Title II Reversal - Broadcasting & Cable
A group of nonprofit municipal broadband providers—all members of the American Cable Association—support FCC chairman Ajit Pai's proposal to reverse the classification of ISPs as common carriers under Title II and told him so in a letter dated May 11.

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