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Kids learn the art of hunting, survival
Paul Hamby waved a set of polypropylene long underwear in front of a classroom of sixth-graders Thursday at Floyd Dryden Middle School. "Guys, I want you to say it with me, 'hy-po-ther-mia,' " said Hamby, a firefighter and emergency medical technician.

How To Make A Custom Dress Form: Part One - Jezebel
A note on underthings: to cast your torso, you'll want to wear the nastiest, oldest, most ragged, totally D-list underwear you've got. Don't lie to me! I know you keep unmentionables of such calibre around — just in case. We're talking a pair of.

How To Turn Your Dress Ideas Into Reality By Making A Custom Pattern - Jezebel
Before I got my dress form, I drafted a lot of patterns by dressing in polypropylene long underwear and pinning pieces of muslin to myself in front of the mirror — like I said, quick-and-dirty autodidact here. I don't exactly recommend that method.

It's Time to Stop Using Plastic Drinking Straws: They Harm Wildlife and Are Bad for the Environment (Video) - AlterNet
Not too long after that, the spread of contagious diseases such as polio and tuberculosis led to a fear of contaminated glassware, and with it, a perceived necessity for drinking straws. Midway through ... Making all these straws puts an undue strain.

Socks are the only clothes you should give this holiday season - Quartz
Because they endure long , strenuous hours on their feet, hikers regard socks as a piece of equipment, and know what makes a good pair. If you check out guides on how to pick hiking ... Italian label Marcoliani sells men's argyle socks in a merino blend.

Tips for cold-weather clothing - The Columbian
long underwear : synthetic or wool. Don't bother with cotton. It's useless for winter weather. As a general rule, synthetic underwear (which is typically polyester or polypropylene ) is less expensive and wicks moisture reasonably well, which means.

Gynecologist admits he would never allow his wife to have a vaginal mesh implant as medics joke women whose sex ... - Daily Mail
Usually made from synthetic polypropylene , a type of plastic, the implants are intended to repair damaged or weakened tissue in the vagina wall. Other fabrics include polyester, human tissue and absorbable synthetic materials. Some women report severe&nbsp.

Chilling Out
GRAND MARAIS, Minn. — During a Grand Marais winter, it doesn't hurt to have the grit of a hivernant, as well as a good set of polypropylene underwear. On a sunny day outside the North House Folk School, two modern-day hivernants, voyageurs who wintered.

Is Fake Leather Really More Eco-Friendly Than Real? - Mother Jones (blog)
My cheap knock-offs might not have been a great investment—whereas a good set of real leather boots can last a decade, if not longer (sorry, PETA). ... fabrics are derived from non-renewable petroleum resources, a number of companies are working on.

Raising Rippers - Outside Magazine
The bags are lightweight and exceptionally durable, and they're handmade in Los Angeles from salvaged polypropylene cloth used in breweries (last year, the U.S. beverage industry threw 100,000 tons of it into landfills, where it takes 1,000 years to.

16 winter weather tips for on and off-duty cops - Police News
Layer your socks with a polypropylene base layer that will wick sweat away. 4. Buy a supply of foot and hand ... Insulated long underwear is a must in most parts of the country. It comes in different weights, ... A good set of gloves is essential.

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