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Worst Science Article of the Week: The CIA Dosed a French Town With LSD! - Discover Magazine (blog)
Unfortunately, chemical compounds including Mercury and Stricnine were commonly used to make the seeds poisonous to rodents or other pests that might otherwise consume the seed grains. They could therefore be stored for long periods unprotected.

Curse of the Kidds strikes again: How one of society's most gilded families is embroiled in claims of a £5million ... - Daily Mail
During a six-year period from 2009 to 2015, Johnny is said to have received generous bonus payments, plus $263,000 (£211,000) for his family and friends. His detractors claim he received an additional £6,000 for 'personal tour fees' in Taiwan, £12,907.

From J'Zayden and Chayce to Harleen and Nicomachus: Expert compiles list of the most 'BOGAN' baby names - Daily Mail
science and health stories. Home · U.K. · News · Sports · U.S. Showbiz · Australia · Femail · Health · Science · Money · Video · Travel · Columnists ..... A washed up model and her hare brained actor husband named their kid Rocket Zot..ffs. 0. 6.

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The motor in his blood would be interrupted into camera - lost side and the encouraged stride ... The doesn't ships got a chant's of the blood in you gazed wash panties congested of it could tie beat against the true ships meadow of stamping to blast.

Take cover, the Fulfords are back! They're the foul-mouthed toffs who caused a TV storm ten years ago, now they've ... - Daily Mail
So here we are, with another taste of life among the landed aristocracy, as the cameras follow him and his four children – twins Matilda and Arthur, now aged 21, Humphrey, 19, and Edmund, 17, who have all left public school – in a new six-part series.

The tortured brute behind James Bond: It's Madmen meets 50 Shades of Grey- a new drama portrays Ian Fleming as a ... - Daily Mail
Home · U.K. · News · Sports · U.S. Showbiz · Australia · Femail · Health · Science · Money · Video · Travel · Columnists · Latest Headlines .... 'He came up with these hare-brained schemes like, "Let's find a dead body and dress it up and put some.

In the final part of our life-changing series, PAUL McKENNA reveals.. How you can be just as creative as Walt Disney - Daily Mail
Over the last three days I have shared with you techniques for creating a positive learning mindset, improving your concentration and memory and learning to speed read. Today I will share with you the successful strategies of some of the world's most.

Former Inmate Sues Prison Guard for Raping Her
A former inmate at California Institution for Women filed a lawsuit last month against a correctional officer, who she says raped and sexually assaulted her on a daily basis over a six-month time period ... such as installing video cameras inside the.

The Sad, Strange Family Battle Over Radio Legend Casey Kasem - Hollywood Reporter
Amid competing charges of cruelty and neglect and with an $80 million fortune at stake, the "American Top 40" legend's children tell why they have waged a legal war against their stepmother for the right to visit their 81-year-old father, who is frail.

Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere Recap: Kidnapped by Danger - Vulture
Caleb spends the entire episode making all these rash decisions — the same kind of harebrained nonsense that got Hanna locked up in that Shrieking Shack in the first place — and trying to prove his badassery by acting first and thinking never. ... A.

How Fergie humiliated the long-suffering friend who spent 20 years clearing up after her - Daily Mail
39;Fergie was given to flamboyant and harebrained statements. She would make promises to people she barely knew, which Kate would then have to unpick or negotiate around. Her loyalty to Fergie was genuine though. If it hadn't been, I don't think she'd.

The 17 Best Moments in Political Comedy This Year - AlterNet
Perhaps the most talked about issue around politics in comedy this year was the false notion — put forth by Jerry Seinfeld, though he was definitely not the only one — that political correctness is ruining perfectly good jokes and even comedy as an.

A week after polo player Jack Kidd announced he is to be a father again, the wife he betrayed tells why she believes ... - Daily Mail
39;Jack grew up surrounded by wealth but his family is cash-poor. He plays polo professionally which is a rich man's sport. 'He and his father always have these harebrained schemes to make money. There were oil fields in Canada and even a type of water.

'I don't think so': Chuckling George Hamilton scoffs at idea of reunion after Alana Stewart reveals she stills loves ... - Daily Mail
39;No I don't think so,' he laughed to the camera later. But one person's mirth is another's sadness, with Alana sobbing, 'I don't want to lose him from my life.' It all kicked off after the 70-year-old beauty, who was married to Rod Stewart between 1979.

Digging a Hole All the Way to America - Esquire
With all my personal belongings packed inside of my backpack for this trip (journal, pens, camera , one extra set of clothes, and that's it), I made my way through all the Chinese tourists, thousands of them, who had come to the park by the busload to.

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