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DIY Ombre Hair In 4 Easy Steps
Surprisingly, once my hair was dry and styled… I didn’t think it looked half bad. But be careful, there are two things to watch out for when attempting a DIY hairstyle: 1) fucking everything up and looking like shit, and 2) thinking you did a great job.

3 Easy AF Ways to Make a Crop Top With Stuff You Already Have
I know it's easy to go to a store and buy a new clothes, but where's the fun in that?! If you're a DIY kind of person, you'd probably much rather put old clothes to use than spend money. Bonus? You'll be able to brag to your friends that you made your outfit.

DIY Clear Bra from 3M—Prevents stone chips for under $50
Happily, my conundrum coincided with the introduction of 3M’s new Paint Defender spray-on clear-bra product. Better driving through chemistry! The basic material is a polyurethane, just as with the applied films. In this case there is a proprietary.

The devil wears. . . a bikini? Black pentagram two-piece is ideal for 'the goth girl who wants satanic tan lines'
A black halter-neck bikini, with strings that form an upside-down pentagram on the wearer's chest, has been advertised as ideal for 'the goth girl who wants some serious satanic tan lines'. Because of the swimsuit's structure, the beach-goer who wears it.

DIY: Turn your favorite bra into a nursing bra
I took the plunge, and am quite pleased with the results, so I thought I’d share this easy tutorial. This DIY works for any sized bra, therefore, any sized lady. It’s also a good idea to figure out what type of knot to use. This is the knot I used to.

PHOTOS Blog Cabin’s Alison Victoria sizzles in summer swimwear extravaganza
Fans of Alison Victoria know that the host is so popular in part because of her irrepressible spirit, something that comes across in her tenure as the host extraordinaire of HGTV’s Kitchen Crashers and as the anchor of DIY’s Blog Cabin. And.

DIY stiletto nails without acrylic
Hi! My name is Eileen. My blog Yes Missy is a light-hearted lifestyle blog about creative ideas, beauty, fashion, and weddings. It celebrates a living beautiful life and all the things that make it special. This blog is full of piece-of.

Maintaining A Relationship While Touring
Any podcast that has to do with DIY touring will tell you that in the 90s there were ... But there aren’t typically panties and bras being tossed onto the stage or a line of women to your non-existant dressing room waiting for you to let them in.

40 Things For My 40th Birthday: What I’m Giving Up, Embracing, Or Not Even Worried About
A great rack is just reward for 2 kids/ 4 straight years of alternating pregnancy and breastfeeding…yes it’s a pain to shop for clothes (and bras, Lord help us ... This is probably a whole other blog post for some day, but let’s just say, when.

DIY lingerie
I don’t suggest using an elastic wider than ⅝”. It will get bulky in between your cheeks ;( Inspired to make more of your own handmade intimates? Who isn’t! Find even more tips and tricks for DIY undies on the blog.

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