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The main product that is being manufactured in Europe out of our wool is underwear mainly winter thermal wear. That may be long underwear with long sleeves or women's spencers etc. the product is actually blended with silk to give it even better touch and.

Carcel: A Danish Clothing Label Made by Women in Prison - Ecouterre (registration) (blog)
Carcel is a clothing label that believes in second chances. Launched in Copenhagen this past April, the nascent firm seeks to "break the spiral of poverty" by employing female prisoners in countries such as Peru and providing them with a living wage.

Evangelist in sheep's clothing
But when they touch it, they discover it's like silk," says Mr Moon ... and being natural and being long-lasting, as opposed to high-change fashion," Mr Moon says. "We're 50 per cent more expensive than Patagonia and North Face," he adds proudly.

A farewell to silly snow gear - Financial Times
My brother, a mountain climber, spent a few years giving me various just-for-Mount-McKinley-or- Patagonia gear to up my cold-weather tolerance, to no apparent avail. But while that was largely long underwear in combinations of silk and polypropylene.

Patagonia: Don't Buy Our Jackets - Treehugger
Not content with encouraging potential buyers to check out eBay for pre-loved products or resoling their shoes before purchasing new ones, outdoor clothier Patagonia recently took the audacious step of telling their customers simply to not to buy their.

Cotton Incorporated, Archroma Create Natural Dye From Cotton Waste - Ecouterre (registration) (blog)
Cotton Incorporated, the folks behind those “fabric of our lives” commercials, has joined forces with Swiss dye specialist Archroma to synthesize what they are calling the world's first ever dye created from cotton plant residues. Available in.

7 Things to Know About H&M's 2016 Conscious Exclusive Collection - Ecouterre (blog)
Replete with garments mindfully constructed from better-for-the-planet materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, organic silk , recycled wool, hemp, and Tencel, the Swedish retailer's annual foray into aspirational fashion is leagues away.

NFL star tackles cold-weather clothing / Simeon Rice's T3K line is a new entry in performance-underwear field
Patagonia Capilene, Under Armour, Hind tights, North Face Tekware, Columbia Omni-Therm, REI's MTS, Helly Hansen LIFA and Marmot Mountain's DriClime are just a few of the most popular labels in today's long, long lineup of available underwear products.

The 7 best pieces of high-end, retro-inspired performance gear for bike commuters - Men's Fitness
Biking to work has never been more popular. Here are the best ways to suit up on two wheels. by Mark Ellwood. February 3, 2017 12.08pm. Jake Stangel. View gallery (7). Y. You don't exactly have to be Tom Ford these days to know we're in the middle of a&nbsp.

Interview: Storq Founder Courtney Klein - Cool Hunting
Other items, from the long white tank to the black pencil skirt, all share Storq's principles of supreme comfort and extreme function seen in consideration of key details like fabric weight (the skirt is extra thick) and tagless construction. In other.

Top 7 Technological Innovations of 2016 (Vote for the Most Futuristic) - Ecouterre (registration) (blog)
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. From a breakthrough in three-dimensional printing that could revolutionize the way we create and consume clothing to squid-inspired fabrics that not only repair themselves but also protect their wearer.

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