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Emma, le robot-masseuse, fait ses débuts à Singapour
Un robot-masseuse appelé Emma a fait ses débuts cette semaine dans une clinique de Singapour où les patients se font masser par un bras robotisé équipé de ... Le robot ne remplace pas les thérapeutes, mais réduit leur charge de travail, permettant.

As the reviewer, I was very pleased to see such a well-executed pas de deux filled with outstanding technique ... to the festivities that take place in Eastern Europe. All the port de bras effaces of the Hungarian ladies were right on the mark-both.

London Dance Journal: One Actor Who Can Really Dance
In his first scene, he sketches a series of perfect arm movements, and then holds one of them with arched torso (port de bras cambré) as he relates how an artist drew him as Apollo. In his solo in a country dance, he leaps across the stage in a pas de.

longer-lined dance whose fastidious ports de bras do not prepare one for the suddenly edgy, relentless speed of the close. Separation and cohesion are the themes of the second pas de deux, danced by Leda Meredith and Oswaldo Muniz, but the prevailing mood.

Are You Wearing the Right Bra? How to Wear 6 Popular Bra Styles
Finding a bra that is comfortable and actually fits you is a challenge all in itself, but learning which bras are appropriate for which outfits ... can easily slip and leave you with a serious faux pas. Rest assured, dear reader: You have other options.

What It's Really Like to Dance the Lead in Swan Lake
She was a swan in the Corps de Ballet, dancing just feet away from some of the best soloists in the world. "I basically did every other role in Swan Lake starting at the bottom," she says: peasants, character dances, a pas de trois soloist part.

Music review: Nascent Newport Contemporary Music Series is worthy of a following
Pesson’s short pieces fascinated. The first, “La lumière n’a pas de bras pour nous porter” (The light has no arms to carry us), used white keys only — and often barely played those. Dalibert tapped lightly, percussively, not depressing the keys.

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From full-support to plunging bras, there's a lot you need to know ... is all about making an impression and don't let your phone cover create a fashion faux pas. From floral prints to slogan covers, phone covers have been the most coveted accessory.

Review, S.F. Ballet's 'Giselle': Classic at its purest
He transformed the peasant pas de deux in Act 1 to a quintet (very nice ... But this, in small detail and large, is extraordinary dancing, radiant in its footwork and port de bras, and beautifully consoling in the graveside duet. Tan just doesn't tear.

A story of hot spring bathing
Une fois qu'il a eu connaissance de ma destination il a passé son temps à désigner chaque bus qui arrivait/partait en faisant une croix avec ses bras pour s'assurer que je n'y monte pas. Après 25min de ce manège, il a désigné un bus avec un grand.

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