Opre Research Briefs For Women


Biological makeup reason black women are 40 percent more likely to get cervical cancer: study
The study was presented Sunday at an American Association for Cancer Research conference in Chicago. Certain strains of HPV, the human papillomavirus, cause cervical cancer, but brief infections are very common in young women. They usually go away on their.

Will women marry down?
According to research by Christina ... highly educated women were a spinster class; men with degrees looked for wives whose talents ran towards cooking the dinner roast and doing the children’s laundry, not writing briefs. No longer.

This Is What Causes Yeast Infections—Plus, How You Can Prevent Them
Certain women may ... sleeping in underwear made of a breathable fabric (like cotton), not douching, and avoiding sanitary pads or tampons that are scented. Sex could play a role, as well, although Dr. Dweck notes that more research is needed.

There's Finally Period Underwear for Transgender Guys
Underwear for women with periods," since many transgender men also get their periods. CEO Miki Agrawal admits she didn't consider the transgender experience when creating the tagline and immediately began to do some research that would help her figure out.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey joins 18 other state prosecutors in opposing proposed contraceptive coverage rollback
Read the brief below. The rules seek to roll back a mandate within the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. "A wealth of research demonstrates the critical importance of contraceptive coverage for the health of women and children as.

Pro-Abortion Study Falsely Claims Abortion Pill is Perfectly Safe for Women
“Chemical abortions can be very dangerous for women, and it’s appropriate to for state officials to protect women’s lives with life-affirming legislation.” In the brief on the law ... more extensive medical research into and study of these deadly.

Put Down That Thong, Girl: Granny Panties Are (Apparently) Coming Back in Style
Are young women ... underwear," Bernadette Kissane, an apparel analyst at the market intelligence firm Euromonitor, said to NYT. "Thongs have had their moment." Don't take her word for it? There are numbers to prove her theory. Data provided by the.

Study: Young men don’t want to get married, new research says they should
SALT LAKE CITY — New research debunking the “ball and chain” myth of marriage for men was released Tuesday. According to a research brief published by the Institute ... “Marriage is broadly beneficial to men and women alike, and many of these.

Business Briefs: Holly Ashley to leave top job at Chattanooga Women's Leadership Institute
Holly Ashley, the executive director for the Chattanooga Women's Leadership Institute ... Dow Chemical and two other pesticide makers asked the government to set aside research by federal scientists that shows the pesticides are harmful to about 1,800.

Australian swimwear label Modibodi wants to solve a common problem for women
already has a range of leak-free absorbent underwear which replaces menstruation and leakage products by absorbing fluids. The mother-of-two's latest venture which took 12 months of research and 6 months of testing on everyday women to develop.

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