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Mirror Fashion style icons 2016: Who were the year's best dressed celebrities?
We didn't know where to look.....if you are squeamish we suggest you look away.... Bella Hadid's red Alexandre Vauthier gown at Cannes this year nearly eclipsed Chrissy's showstopper, however the gown had underwear ... combination of beauty, grace and.

Aussie nerds strip down to their jocks and one even gets a Vegas makeover in season return of Beauty And The Geek Australia
This season's Beauty and the Geek Australia wasted no time, with the boys stripping down to their underwear and one even getting a makeover, in the very first episode. The series premiere on Thursday night introduced the eight Aussie geeks to their openly.

Podcast: What It's Like To Play Classic Games For The First Time
Whether or not you caught our 12-hour video game marathon on Tuesday, join us to talk about some great classic games on today’s Kotaku Splitscreen. First, a reminder: At PAX in Seattle on Friday, September 1, we’ll be holding the first-ever Kotaku.

Seven Surefire Signs You Are Addicted To April The Giraffe
You love the way they care for April, Oliver, and the other animals, and you are dying to meet them. You love giraffe-themed art. A thing of beauty is a joy forever ... was formed on February 27. In a brief hiatus, it managed to garner more members.

From geek to male model chic: Tate's radical makeover - The Sunshine Coast Daily
BEAUTY and the Geek's geniuses are pretty chuffed with their makeovers, although it was hard to hear their reactions at times over all the high-pitched screaming. In the reality show's penultimate episode, geeks ... some much-needed facial hair.

Fox Fall 2015 Schedule: ‘Minority Report’ On Monday, ‘New Girl’ Held For Midseason
Here is Fox’s fall schedule, followed by a brief analysis ... big-boned geek; SANFORD (Judah Friedlander, “30 Rock”), a loser who thinks he’s a player; and GERT (Missi Pyle, “The Exes,” “Galaxy Quest”), a beauty pageant-obsessed five.

Beauty and the Geek's season of romance and big transformations comes to an end - NEWS.com.au
Beauty and the Geek , which reaches its anticipated end tomorrow night, has a simple premise: take a group of geeks, throw them in a mansion with a bevy of beautiful women — this time both Americans and Australians — and film the results. But it's no.

Beauty and the Geek's Tate Putnins goes from student to geek to model
Not long ago Tate Putnins was just an engineering student at Melbourne's RMIT, but these days he is a contestant on Beauty and the Geek and a soon-to ... contract with Australian men's underwear and swimwear brand Aussiebum. "I take it for what it is.

The Post-Harvey Mosquito Invasion Seems Like Hell
Plenty of people have described Hurricane Harvey as a disaster of biblical proportions, and it seems the next plague is upon us. It’s not locusts. Thanks to untold quantities of filthy standing water, millions of mosquitos are starting to hatch. And yes.

The Pleasure Principle
“In our culture, admitting our bodies matter is almost an admission of failure,” said Ms. Daedone, 41, who can quote the poet Mary Oliver and speak wryly on ... in their backyard — although there was a brief sensation when The San Francisco Chronicle.

Physics and the Immortality of the Soul
If it’s really nothing but atoms and the known forces, there is clearly no way for the soul to survive death. Believing in life after death, to put it mildly, requires physics beyond the Standard Model. Most importantly, we need some way for that “new.

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