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NCBI ROFL: Hard core spiders fight better after self-castration. - Discover Magazine (blog)
“Males of sexually cannibalistic spiders commonly mutilate parts of their paired genitals (palps) during copulation, which may result in complete emasculation or the 'eunuch phenomenon'. In an orb-web nephilid spider, Nephilengys malabarensis, about 75&nbsp.

'It's akin to racism': One-armed CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell hits out at viewers who trolled her for refusing ... - Daily Mail
One-armed CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnel has drawn similarities between racism and the prejudice she received over her refusal to wear a prosthetic arm. The 37-year-old TV star appeared on Loose Women on Thursday to discuss the backlash she&nbsp.

The best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies
With that in mind, we've put together a list of the best and most-impressive ... 182 minutes Much like Batman v Superman, The Amazing Spider-Man was shot on 35mm film and later scanned and transferred to a 4K digital intermediate. Whatever you may think.

Most Lousy Singers Sound Great in their Own Minds - Discover Magazine (blog)
Karaoke…it's fun for some people. You've seen them around—taking the stage after a few beers, perhaps a few too many, and belting out ear-splitting off-key versions of “Don't Stop Believin'” or “Livin' on a Prayer.” They are bad karaoke singers. The.

Review: Mind Spiders, 'Prosthesis'
Mind Spiders' three albums prior to Prosthesis did little to deviate from this path, but technology has caught up with Ryan and his cohorts: Daniel Fried, Gregory Rutherford and Marked Men bandmate Mike Throneberry. Prosthesis is Mind Spiders' darkest.

Everyone could soon have the powers of Doctor Octopus
Doctor Otto Octavius may have been a power-mad scientist bent on world domination and the utter ruin of his nemesis, Spider-Man, but the guy had some surprisingly cogent thoughts on prosthetics development. And although mind-controlled supernumerary.

(BACK) BREAKING NEWS: From size 32JJ to 32Z meet the women with the world's BIGGEST boobs - Daily Star
Doctors advised Elizabeth to have a double mastectomy but the mum-of-two says she can't face more surgery despite being at risk from blood clots and infection. The adult film actress, from Faster Pussycat and Porn Stars From Mars, nearly died three.

What could possibly go wrong... Researchers call for urgent research into the risks of DIY brain hacking - Daily Mail
They're a potentially world-changing innovation – imagine being paralyzed but able to 'reach' for something with a prosthetic arm just by thinking about it. ... Arachnophobes look away: How ground spiders release. ... The supported applications can.

New HIV "Strain" All in the Mind: Outbreak of Paranoia Strikes Chinese Men - Discover Magazine (blog)
HIV-virus Something nasty is in the air in China, and it isn't the infamous smog. Sweeping the country is a new paranoia, in which men become convinced that they've contracted HIV, often blaming their infection on a visit to a prostitute. Hundreds of.

The science of FEAR - and why we find ourselves 'paralysed' like a deer in headlights during threatening situations - Daily Mail
39;If not, at least I can put a photo of me eating spiders on Facebook and impress all my friends.' These people may be more inherently inclined to approach a threat with a 'fight' response. People who are 'avoidant motivated' (neurotic) tend to perceive.

Rat Pants and Goatman, the 2016 Ig Nobels Were Wacky As Ever - Discover Magazine (blog)
The 2016 Ig Nobel prizes were awarded last night, and the honorees included, as always, the best, brightest and wackiest minds in science. The Ig Nobel prize tradition began in 1991 as a way to honor research that “could not, or should not, be.

'I survived sepsis - only for it to kill my son': Mother whose baby boy died after medics missed killer illness ... - Daily Mail
39;That night I became very ill. My temperature soared to 41c, I started hallucinating, imagining there were spiders crawling over me, and was talking gibberish. Paul took me to the out-of-hours doctor, who called the hospital and I was readmitted for a.

When Humans Get Animal Prosthetics: Amputee Fitted With Mermaid Fin - Discover Magazine (blog)
Nadya Vessey Mermaid Following on the, er, tails of yesterday's animal prosthetics news, a New Zealand woman has become what is probably the closest thing to a real-life mermaid since…well, ever. Nadya Vessey, who had both legs amputated due to a&nbsp.

Improving physician satisfaction by eliminating unnecessary practice burdens
She asks, “Does every hearing aid battery, cane, pair of diabetic shoes, mastectomy bra, ear wash, influenza vaccination ... A few examples come to mind from my daily practice. I don’t routinely check my patients’ wheelchair tire tread or inspect.

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