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Boutique hotels get smaller and smaller - USA TODAY
The Oyster Inn, on New Zealand's Waiheke Island, has only three rooms, which include pick-up from the ferry terminal, complimentary breakfast and luxury in-room amenities like merino wool blankets, goose down pillows and Aesop bath products. The rooms&nbsp.

Costco is a men's underwear paradise - Business Insider
A four-pack of the merino wool blend socks is a mere $12 — an incredibly small amount of money for wool socks of this quality. I've bought many over the years, and exactly zero have failed me so far. They're warm, soft, and, most importantly, comfortable.

Woolpower Ostersund Merino Wool FR (Flame Resistant) Military Combat/Tactical Clothing/Garments with Ullfrotté ... - Defense Review
For added comfort the Woolpower Ullfrotté Original Merino wool combat/tactical garments feature a tubular knit and minimal seams. DR got to see (and touch) a bunch of different garments, including shirts, pants, jackets, long underwear , and a combat.

Is the budget crisis THAT bad? Clucky Tony Abbott sends cream-coloured merino wool blanket to newborn royal princess on behalf of the nation… and it's worth just $99
He's long been a fan of the royal family, and now Prime Minister Tony Abbott has lauded the arrival of the new baby princess with a gift - a $99 merino wool cot blanket. Mr Abbott announced the cream-coloured treat in a heartfelt statement on Tuesday.

Interview: Icebreaker Is Cool To The Core - SGB Media (press release) (subscription) (blog)
With a slew of recent additions to its North America team, New Zealand-based outdoor apparel brand Icebreaker has kept busy this year making tweaks, improvements and plans in the U.S. and Canada. The uptick in merino popularity has been a boon for the&nbsp.

The travel clothes it's claimed won't smell even if they're worn every day for a MONTH (but would you dare put them ... - Daily Mail
They say that even at the end of that, the T-shirt remained odour free. Unbound Merino kit will probably not be the cheapest items of clothing in your wardrobe. The T-shirt, available in black and grey, costs $50 (£38.25), the underwear , in black only.

Unbound Merino is making no-wash clothes for lighter travelling -
The secret, he discovered, is merino wool , a fabric that has great wicking properties. Rather than trapping moisture against the body, merino allows it to pass through, which allows the wearer to stay dry and odour-free. The fabric is primarily used in.

Coolest travel products on Kickstarter, August 2016 edition - USA TODAY
Y-Athletics has designed these underwear with travelers in mind, using sweat-wicking merino wool and odor-neutralizing silver fibers. They've also borrowed some design features from cycling shorts, putting a soft silicone grip around each leg opening.

Father's Day Golf Gifts: Best Golf Gear Guide 2016 - Forbes
Ultimate Undies: $50 golf underwear ? Really? That's what I thought until I wore them. South Carolina-based Kentwool, which makes all of its ultra-high quality wool products in the United States , already markets the “World's Best Golf Sock,” made of.

Base Layers: 27 Winter Tops For Any Budget - Gear Junkie (blog)
when things heat up, or provide that first, quick drying layer against the skin under heavier base layers. If you want to strip it off altogether, they disappear nicely in a daypack. Fabric weights are 80-135g/m² or wool fiber diameter in 17.5.

'I didn't wash them for a year': could these goat hair socks stop your feet from smelling? -
As mohair – the luxury material that is usually used to weave expensive designer knitwear – does not trap bacteria in the same way as rougher wool or cotton, Whitley's socks make it much less likely for bromodosis (the medical term for smelly feet) to.

A Canadian's guide to surviving frigid winters - Treehugger
I know this suggestion may not go over too well with many vegan readers, but the fact is that wool cannot be beat in terms of its breathability and warmth. Wool , particularly cashmere, leggings or long johns make a world of difference. Wool socks are.

Alpaca mittens from the Mitten State? Yup. Michigan-grown yarn just hit the market - Detroit Free Press
The Michigan Fiber Cooperative announced Friday that it has 1,000 skeins of luxuriously soft alpaca and merino wool yarn for sale to Michigan knitters. The group noted that transforming raw wool into yarn wasn't exactly a simple process. Read more.

7 Tips to Survive Cold-Weather Camping - Popular Mechanics
Start with polyester thermal underwear for the base layer. Choose breathable fleece to inhibit the accumulation of perspiration during exertion. If you prefer natural fibers, choose merino wool and wool-fleece blends that offer the warmth of wool.

Reggie Watts: 'I would like clothes a lot more if I were 20lb lighter' - The Guardian
I order all my clothing online: merino wool T-shirts and underwear , hiking pants and suspenders (braces) by Mary Jane Lane. I wear the same basic outfit every day. I think I would like clothes a lot more if I were 20lb lighter. I am not embarrassed by.

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