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'Man Of Steel' Villains Revealed, Superman Ditches Underpants
Superhero Hype has posted three new set photos of Cavill in full costume . . . except that he’s missing his patented red underwear. Does that mean that ... In fact, did you notice another man in the same type outfit in the pictures from Superhero Hype.

13-Minute ‘Man of Steel’ Featurette: Why Superman Doesn’t Wear Undies, Anymore (Video)
Superman doesn't wear the usual pair of red underwear over his signature blue tights in "Man of Steel," but it's not just because Zack Snyder thought it looked stupid. A 13-minute behind-the-scenes featurette specifically addresses changes to the costume.

'Man of Steel' Pics Show Superman Sans Red Underwear, Bring On The Haters
Oh no. Here we go again. First we had the Iron Man 2/Whiplash controversy. Then it was Wonder Woman. Now the latest sure-to-be costume outcry will be that of Superman in the upcoming 'Man of Steel' film. So get ready folks. Grab your pitchforks, light.

Scene and Heard: Zack Snyder reveals his Man of Steel underwear dilemma
Then came the other dilemma – the Superman outfit. Specifically, Snyder and company wondered whether the Man of Steel should don his red underwear as he had previously in the 1970s and 1980s films and the 2006 reboot. The jockey-shorts question was not.

What happened to Superman’s panties? The makers of Man of Steel explain.
SAVE THE RED UNDERPANTS! “You look at Superman and the cape has to be there, but you know what, I think the underwear outside of the pants is ... When I watch Iron Man and the Hulk and Thor fight a giant snake that jizzes flying aliens, I want to believe.

Here's Why Superman Won't Wear His Iconic Red Underwear In 'Man Of Steel'
Warner Brothers released a 13-minute featurette on the film that shows behind-the-scenes footage of filming and explains why the crew ditched the red underwear ... and without the underwear causing some fans of the "Man of Steel" to worry about the.

In 'Man of Steel,' Superman's costume gets 2013 makeover for director Zack Snyder's update
“It’s just a modern esthetic,” “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder told the Daily News about the makeover. That means no more short red pants worn over his ... Superman should have kept his underwear on. “Superman has looked almost exactly.

Colbert Bashes 'Man Of Steel' For Superman Not Wearing Underwear (VIDEO)
Man of Steel." As if it's not bad enough that Superman, a well-known alien who decided to land in America, is played by the British Henry Cavill in this movie, Superman doesn't wear his famous red underwear this time around. And he doesn't appear to be.

Superman ditches red underwear for Henry Cavill's 'Man of Steel'
Superman will ditch his signature red underwear for the upcoming Henry Cavill movie Man of Steel. Recent photos snapped from the set of Zack Snyder's superhero reboot show Cavill's Superman in full costume, without his red trunks, as he approaches villains.

Hey, what happened to Superman's red undies?
Watch 'The Man of Steel' trailer: Online forums are discussing the topic heatedly. So much so that there is a Facebook group "Superman Needs His Red Underwear" (go see and like it if you are upset about his missing underwear). The Facebook group has images.

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