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'How's the cocaine in Hollywood these days?' The Kardashians give Chelsea Handler a taste of her own medicine
She loves to lampoon them on an almost daily basis, but Chelsea Handler got a taste of her own medicine when she invited the Kardashians to do a skit with her. Of course, it was all scripted, but it still made for delicious viewing. The comic had an.

The Best Hotels to Book for the Chicago Marathon
The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel—just a short walk from the starting line in Grant Park—is in the prime location for spectators and runners alike. Enriched with a ton of history, the 1890s landmark is filled with impressive architecture and charm.

Judge: Revoke Dollar General building permit
“One is to prepare the focused EIR to examine the alternative impacts. The other is to appeal the decision because we don’t believe it’s reasonable that the court ruled that a small retail store could result in severe economic impact to the community.

Jerome Foundation gives fellowships to five Minnesota artists
Emmett Ramstad, a minimalist sculptor based in the Twin Cities, who collects the daily detritus of ordinary lives (tooth brushes, socks, underwear) and turns it into art "shaped by an interest in queer archival practices." Holly Streekstra, another Twin.

Bengaluru becomes a magnet for MNCs, startups again
JCPenny, the leading American apparel and home furnishing retailer, L Brands, makers of lingerie brand Victoria's Secret ... he shifted his base to Bengaluru. Harshvardhan Lunia, cofounder and CEO of Lendingkart, an NBFC that lends short term working.

I Smell Hypocrisy. Herein I Rant
I noticed this the other day, and waited to see if anyone else saw it, but apparently it got drowned out by the excitement of the Iowa Democratic Rally and yesterday's brouhaha at Netroots Nation.

Recasting Fast And Furious With Us, The Jalopnik Staff [UPDATED WITH PHOTO]
I’ve watched the first Fast and Furious movie enough times now to basically know it line-for-line. And so the next logical step for this level of fandom is to recast the movie to include myself and my coworkers.

Hope tinged with scepticism
A bright, new, connected broadband future has been promised almost as often as your average rural, and not so rural, broadband service collapses. The announcement from Minister for Communications, Energy, and Natural Resources Alex White — when he.

Watch: Caitriona Balfe tells Seth Meyers about the time she found a cleaning lady in her knickers
Just in case it wasn't clear from the headline, it was Caitriona Balfe who found the cleaning lady in underwear, not Caitriona Balfe in underwear finding a cleaning lady. At any rate, it's an unusual story and exactly the kind of thing you'd tell the world.

This DIY Voltron Model Is Some Next Level Stuff
Behold one of the most incredible do-it-yourself Voltron models I’ve ever seen. I’m willing to bet the same is true for you. Designed by a Korean model-maker known as “Juny,” this Voltron is made up of three hundred and forty 3D printed parts. The.

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