Kelo Amicus Briefs Prop


An amicus brief on the Prop 8 case provides an important history lesson
The current battles over California Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act provides me ... The City Attorney's site helpfully categorizes the amicus briefs by their focus. There are briefs focusing on equal protection, on due process, on, yes, "responsible.

A loss for property rights in Murr v. Wisconsin [updated with a link to my response to Prof. Rick Hills] - Washington Post
Supreme Court to hear potentially landmark case on partisan gerrymandering Washington Post.

Dozens of SCOTUS Amicus Briefs Opposing Prop 8 Incoming from Lawmakers, Corporations, Organizations
The American Foundation for Equal Rights has provided us with a list of the expect briefs due today from various groups opposing Proposition 8 before the Supreme Court. Todiay is the filing deadline. Still no word on whether one will be coming from.

Guest column: Court case a stand for property rights - The Advocate
The Institute for Justice, the nation's leading law firm for liberty, which defends property rights in courts across the country, filed two amicus briefs in the Louisiana Supreme Court in support of Violet Dock Port. After urging the court to take up.

Constitutional law scholars' amicus brief in the travel ban case explains why the Bill of Rights limits federal ... - Washington Post
On Monday, fellow legal scholar Michael Mannheimer and I filed an amicus brief that challenges the administration's position on this crucial issue. We wrote the brief on behalf of ourselves and several other constitutional law scholars from across the.

They're Taking Away Your Property for What? - City Journal
The crux of Kelo's injustice is its further enlargement of the power of eminent domain granted by the Fifth Amendment, which recognizes that “private property ” can “be taken for public use.” “Public use” once .... “If we assume that the 600 eliminated.

Supreme Court dismisses travel ban case as moot – but the legal fight over the issue will continue - Washington Post
Supreme Court dismisses case against Trump's expired travel ban Washington Post.

Thoughts on the California amicus brief in Murr v. Wisconsin – an important takings case currently before the ... - Washington Post
In April, the state of Nevada filed an amicus brief that I coauthored on behalf of Nevada itself and eight other state governments in Murr v. Wisconsin, a major property rights case currently before the Supreme Court. The case addresses an important.

Could a victory for property owners in Murr v. Wisconsin hurt property rights in the long run? - Washington Post
NOTE: I coauthored an amicus brief supporting the property owners, on behalf of nine state governments led by the state of Nevada. As with other posts about Murr, what I write here represents solely my own views, not those of the nine state governments.

Amicus brief argues Prop. 8 prevents ‘systemic’ church-state conflict
A coalition of Jewish, Catholic and Protestant organizations has filed an amicus brief asking that Proposition 8 be upheld. The coalition argues that the successful 2008 ballot measure, which overturned a state Supreme Court decision imposing same-sex.

US Victims of Terrorism Take Tehran to Court - National Review
“Although the United States sympathizes with petitioners and other victims of terrorism,” said Jeffrey Wall, the Trump administration's acting solicitor general, “the seizure of a foreign sovereign's property via attachment or execution can affect the.

Public Trust Doctrine & Water Rights - The Walker Case: Does the Public Trust Doctrine Apply to Water Rights ... - JD Supra (press release)
A case currently pending in the Ninth Circuit raises a significant and novel issue of western water law. The case addresses whether the public trust doctrine can authorize modification of a water rights decree and reallocation of water rights.

In Trinity Lutheran, One Question Exposed Missouri's Historical Hostility to Religion - National Review
Governor Greitens Announces New Policy to Defend Religious Freedom | Governor Eric R. Greitens - Governor Eric R. Greitens -

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