Jockey Bra Reviews Volumetric Concrete


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'Help! Need 32F plunge style with stretchy cups': The forum where 13,000 women are seeking desperate advice on well-fitting bras
Standard bra sizes have barely changed changed ... The major American intimate apparel manufacturer, Jockey, recently announcement it is getting rid of A/B/C/D cups altogether. Instead, Jockey's Volumetric Fit System will measure the volume of a woman's.

Don't fear the bra size, fear bad bras!
SIZE The developers of Jockey’s “reinvented” bra sizing system spent years scanning more than 800 female bodies to design a new bra that has a new measuring system. Instead of A, B, C, etc., the brand has 10 “volumetric” fit cup sizes from 1.

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reporters dispatch, June 4 — 11, 2013
The volumetric ... bra that you’ll find,” says Cohn. Still, it might take some adjusting. “I wish their sizing system was more translatable to the standard system,” writes blogger Charla Welch, of Bra Crusader, in her review of the kit. But Jockey.

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Bra Size Bewilderment? 5 Companies That Got It Right
There's also a sidebar that lets you see the bra under a variety of shirt silhouettes. Furthermore, HerRoom offers a bra size calculator ... between a 38DDD or 38F. Jockey throws all that guess work out the window with its new Volumetric Fit System.

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And yet a colleague and I recently found ourselves re-enacting a scene from Judy Blume in the bathroom stalls of The Observer offices, trying to assess our respective digits under Jockey’s new numbers-only sizing system. The Volumetric Fit Bra sizing kit.

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