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Is this the end of bra fittings? Japanese developers claim the ChiChi app lets women discover their true cup size by placing a PHONE in their cleavage
Japanese developers have invented an app which they claim can find a woman's perfect bra size simply by placing their phone in their cleavage. The app called ChiChi, which is Japanese for breast, has been created for women who do not have time to visit a.

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Japanese Women’s Breasts Have Been Growing For the Last 40 Years
Japanese women’s breasts have reportedly grown ... annually as it monitors its bra sales. Triumph’s sales data, contained in the company’s periodic report called the Lingerie White Paper, are broken down by cup size which became the primary basis.

American Bra Size Average Increases From 34B to 34DD In Just 20 Years, Survey Says
America's cup runneth over. The average bra size has jumped from a 34B 20 years ago to a 34DD in 2013, according to a new survey by lingerie retailer Intimacy. Weight gain and breast implants have played a role in the increase, Intimacy spokeswoman Kate.

Fit or bust... new app claims to ACCURATELY measure women's breasts to gauge bra size
Place your smartphone between your breasts and you’ll find out your cup size App developers The official website for smartphone app ChiChi – Japanese for boob – says ... "A woman can tell instinctively if a bra fits her or not. That is why you.

This Japanese Invention Lets Guys Covertly Guess Your Bra Size
Soft on Demand, a Japanese video distributor and adult store chain, is offering a pretty disconcerting giveaway with the purchase of a DVD. It's a clear folder that doubles as a way to gauge the size of women's breasts (via Rocket News 24, H/T Netlab.

10 Things You Wish Guys Knew About Your Breasts
Yes, this is a weird comparison but a Japanese lingerie brand did the research and the weight comparisons they came up with are cute (they also have a chart equating breast size to pancake batter ... perky tits is an amazing bra (or a talented doctor.

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These Lingerie Bags Have Saved Me From Hours of Hand-washing Delicates
The biggest ones are perfect for expensive gym clothes that need a little TLC, and the smallest size fits one bra nicely. They will change your ... If you’d still prefer to hand-wash delicates, try this Japanese washbasin recommended by Sadie Stein.

3 Tech-Boosted Steps To Build Mindfulness Every Day
When you hold the device, which is about the size of a deck of cards ... a beautiful wearable technology that measures your breathing by clipping to your belt or bra, you can track your stretches of calm or focus, just like a FitBit tracks the numbers.

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