Iqra Shahzad Bra Visible In Kameez


Man wearing dhoti not allowed on Dubai Metro
Dubai: A 67-year-old Indian visitor to Dubai was stopped from entering the Dubai Metro recently, apparently for the dress he was wearing. The man was wearing a traditional Indian dress, a dhoti, and was ‘respectably dressed’, according to his daughter.

A woman’s clothing is her own business
Those who wanted to wear hijab/niqab/burqa wore it and those who preferred the traditional shalwar kameez and dupatta chose that without ... to raising children and families and had highly visible political careers. Ms Jinnah was so dedicated to her.

They call it Taharrush gamea
I felt the moment that my bra tore. They tore the ... “I was dressed in the native shalwaar kameez – long baggy trousers and a tunic to cover my body. I wore a scarf around my head to show respect. All that was visible were my hands and face.

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