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How the Trump Tax Cuts Would Reshape (and/or Break) Our Economy
But itโ€™s far too brief an interval for lawmakers (let alone ... Since interest income on PABs is tax exempt, investors are willing to buy them at very low interest rates, and this makes it relatively affordable for states, municipalities, and nonprofits.

Pigouvian taxes - The Economist
Another assault on Pigou's idea came from Ronald Coase, an economist at the University of Chicago (whose theory of the firm was the subject of the first brief in this series). Coase considered externalities as a problem of ill- defined property rights.

Shadow IT: How today's CIOs grapple with unsanctioned tech - Computerworld Australia
Broadly defined , shadow IT includes " investment in acquiring, developing and/or operating IT solutions outside the formal control of a formal IT organization," wrote Gartner analyst Simon Mingay in a January research note. Shadow IT rose to prominence.

Here's what makes a successful public-private partnership - INTHEBLACK
The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West education campus in Singapore, completed in 2010 for an estimated S$400 million, has won acclaim, as have the upgrades to the Mactan-Cebu International Airport in the Philippines, on track to.

A social investment ecosystem emerges in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar - ImpactAlpha
The social-impact economy in growth markets in Asia has grabbed the attention of governments in the region, according to a new report from the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network. Impact investment funds are launching or expanding, even in Cambodia and.

'Class Clowns' Author to Ed. Publishers: Forget 'Revolution' Talk and Keep Focused - Education Week
Successful businesses in K-12 schools are not trying to create a revolution in education , Jonathan Knee told a gathering of more than 200 education executives here Thursday. โ€œWhenever you hear somebody use the word 'revolution,' run,โ€ advised Knee.

After Charlottesville, does impact investing even matter? - ImpactAlpha
The investor's question got me thinking. I re-read Antony Bugg-Levine's ImpactAlpha post from February: Does impact investing matter in the age of Trump and Brexit? When we take a step back from our work and reflect on its larger meaning , what do we.

The Education of Mark Zuckerberg - The Atlantic
The tour has given Zuckerberg a new way of talking about his role at the company. โ€œI think I started this year as an engineer, and now I'm wrapping it up thinking of myself as more of a community builder too,โ€ Zuckerberg said in the Kansas interview.

FCA Adopts Changes to Rules Governing Availability of Information for IPOs - Lexology
In response to concerns raised by some industry participants, the Policy Statement suggests that syndicate banks may engage in the following practices to mitigate the execution risk for an issuer that the seven-day gap may produce (as a result of an.

Trump Administration Defends Travel Ban in Supreme Court Brief - U.S. News & World Report
FILE PHOTO - International passengers arrive at Washington Dulles International Airport after the U.S. Supreme Court granted parts of the Trump administration's emergency request to put its travel ban into effect later in the week pending further.

Markets unaffected by Trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem - Born2Invest
What we have learned according to Martin Armstrong, an economic forecaster, is that all the government has to do is to change the definition of money. The government could change the rules such that digital currencies and digital exchanges are.

Gary Becker's concept of human capital - The Economist
Simply put, human capital refers to the abilities and qualities of people that make them productive. Knowledge is the most important of these, but other factors, from a sense of punctuality to the state of someone's health, also matter. Investment in.

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