I Like Wearing Women'S Underwear


Agent Provocateur Founder Unveils a New Lingerie Label
“I felt like I’d done it all,” she said ... The 100-piece collection will be a gender-fluid array of intimates, underwear and street wear, designed to be worn by men and women. It promises to take its millennial wearers from “bed to street.

Serena Rees, Founder of Agent Provocateur, Wants You To Wear Her New Line of Underwear Everywhere
In 1994, Serena Rees changed the underwear industry with Agent Provocateur ... What we did in the Nineties—that idea of empowering women, celebrating sexuality in a more overt way than had been seen before—felt completely right for that time.

Gender-Fluid Lingerie Is Now a Thing, and It's Really Chic
WHO WHAT WEAR: Have you noticed a difference in the ... in the intimates world was really daring and empowering for women. There had been nothing like it previously. Branded underwear seems to be making a comeback. WWW: You're one of the first designers.

Would you dare to go commando on your PERIOD? FEMAIL tests absorbent, stain-resistant yoga pants that are worn WITHOUT underwear during that time of the month
The thought of not wearing underwear during that time of the month is just too risky for most women. And going commando at the gym ... I was afraid it would feel like a pad, but they're so comfortable' 'I love these leggings,' said one reporter.

This student was shamed for not wearing a bra, which is clearly so messed up
In Beaumont High School in Southern California, a girl got in trouble for not wearing a bra. Yes, because whether or not a student is wearing underwear will have a direct ... take a minute and acknowledge that women know when they need or want a bra.

This Mumtrepreneur Is Empowering Asian Women, One Piece Of Sexy Lingerie At A Time
Young women like us are getting more aware of ourselves ... great for business. I asked the lingerie connoisseur what would she recommend a pregnant, mother-to-be to wear. She shared with me that having gone through this before (three times, no less.

Confessions Of A Girl Who Has A Lingerie Fetish
Just like red lipstick, I think great lingerie can be a powerful mood lifter for most women. Every time I slip into my lacy ... In fact, till today my boyfriend can’t guess what I’m wearing inside. It creates that element of surprise and he can.

This is the Underwear That Women Want You to Wear
Here's why women preferred briefs over any other type of underwear. "Tight enough to show off a nice butt. I like that I'm not the only one that can wear something tight." "I like that the legs are a little bit shorter but not so short that it looks like a.

How to Hide Panty Lines (if You Hate Wearing Thongs)
I wear full underwear exclusively, regardless of the resulting vulnerability to visible panty lines, a.k.a. VPL. (Bless an acronym that doesn’t make me say “panty.”). Women hate VPL. Maybe men do too, but who cares? And while I’d like to sweep.

Personal Hygiene Tips for Women
Daily habits like bathing ... Always wear your bra and panty after you wash them. Always use a mild detergent and water to wash your undergarments to be safe from the risk of infection and irritation in that area. Change your underwear twice daily as.

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