I Have Dark Brown Stuff In My Underwear


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Now that I’m an adult lady with a real professional job, sometimes my work sends me out of town on trips. It’s pretty cool. I have a corporate card all ... which were deep, dark brown. He wore little black glasses and was just scruffy enough to please.

7 1/2 weeks, what's that in my panties? Pls help, very scared
This is my ... brown. It doesn't smell. I have no (unusual) pains or cramps. What happened last time was that I had this spotting for a few days (it started at exactly the same time), then one day it was more and dark brown, the usual late-mens, old-blood.

Discharge in Underwear?!
Today, there was no blood or dark brown discharge again, but I have been battling ... color discharge soaked into my panty liner, but no slimy stuff. On day two of my period, I also was touching my boyfriend. He had his underwear on but there was three.

I have brown stuff in my underwear, i havent got my period, What is it?
for me it is goopy and its almost black/very dark brown ... I don't wanna tell my mom either . its weird but can someone help me figure it out.. Thank you so much. I totally freaked out when I saw all this brown stuff in my underwear.

Hi, I haven't had a period at all last month. I noticed black/dark brown blood in my underwear today. Should I worry? It doesn't have a smell to it.
If the test is negative, then the dark brown tissue is your next period starting, and things are just a bit off this month. That happens to most women at some point, for a variety of reasons. Nobody has completely regular periods all the time.

i'm 24 weeks pregnant and had a little bit of brown blood on my panties but when i wiped it was gone
it wasn't really like mucus though it was just really dark brown. then after that i started having my discharge now i have neither and my doctors office wont return my call. so i just don't know what to do.

You keep finding dark dark brown stuff in your underwear your only 12 so you don't think its your period really gross what is it?
Answers.com ® is making the world better one answer at a time. That sounds alot like a period, when i started mine at 11, i kept javing very dark stains in my underwear and thought i was just really dirty. But it was menstruation. That sounds alot like a.

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The problem is this: when, despite all my best efforts, the lights have gone ... the dark part. It tucks all the sinister stuff into the dark part, identifying God with the sunny part and leaving you to deal with the rest on your own time.

lots brown stuff in my underwear i thought was my period but im not sure . what could it be?
I came home from school today and i found a ton of dark brownish stuff in my pantie liner, it was super thick and there was a ton of it.I have had dischage for about 2 years and it has never been this color. It also has never been as thick as it was.

Period 15 days late.. brown blood in underwear?
I've just been to the toilet and there is brown stuff in my underwear, at first i thought it is my period but when i wipe nothing is there. But its really dark and doesnt look ... is wrong with me. I always have regular cycles.

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