Hollywood Actress Removing Bra Videos


Actresses Say Veteran 'CSI' Casting Employee Coerced Them Into Disrobing
Andy Henry, a veteran casting employee on CSI, was fired from the show and his own firm in 2008 after it came to light that he'd urged actresses seeking co-starring roles to disrobe during private, paid auditioning sessions, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

8 clever face mask hacks celebrities swear by
Whether you’re looking for ways to soak up every drop of serum (get your money’s worth, girl) or you want post-mask skin care tips, Hollywood has you covered ... In a Snapchat video, the actress reveals that she uses a makeup brush to pain her.

Dustin Hoffman accused by former co-star of repeated sexual assault
A former co-star of the Hollywood actor of Dustin Hoffman has accused him of "nightly sexual harassment". The actress Kathryn Rossetter has claimed ... Her costume was "a vintage slip, no bra, garter belt and stockings". Behind her was a chair for.

Katherine Heigl Tearfully Reveals Her Dog Gracie Lou Is Suffering from a Brain Tumor
Katherine Heigl is known as one of Hollywood’s biggest animal lovers — but these ... decided to give it a go instead of putting the dog down — removing almost 50 percent of the tumor, which was located in a “complicated” spot in the middle.

Where things stand with the growing number of Hollywood men accused of sexual misconduct
Sony and Ridley Scott also confirmed their plans to remove Spacey from ... apologized for groping an actress on MTV] Roy Price Isa Hackett, a producer on Amazon Studios’ “The Man in the High Castle” told the Hollywood Reporter in an Oct. 12.

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials
The Telegraph of London on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding: A divorced, mixed-race, Hollywood actress who attended a Roman Catholic ... would-be groom been Prince William and at just one remove from the throne. But arguably we have changed enough.

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