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I Tried Free Bleeding Into Period Panties and This Is What Happened
Thinx sent me three pairs to try out: the Hiphugger, a low-rise and full-coverage ... Plus, they didn't look like granny panties — they're actually pretty cute! I got my period while at the Seventeen.com office late in the afternoon and didn't have.

Period Piece: 10 Life Hacks For Tampons & Pads
From Aunt Flow to “shark week,” your period is rarely called your ... but it up to the user. The hip hugger style is said to hold two tampons worth of leakage, and while we haven’t tried the panties (yet!), reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Code Red: How to deal with period leaks and spotting
Try special period panties ... Shark Week. There are different styles you can buy based on your flow, and the styles designed for lighter flows are perfect for spotting. Thinx underwear come in black or beige in several different styles, ranging from.

Lingerie You'll Want to Wear When You Have Your Period
Thinx are like Spanx for containing your period instead of your fat. According to their marketing materials, which read like something from NASA, these panties, which come in thongs, cheeky, and hip hugger designs ... a Home Run," a Shark Tank- like.

Period panties that are actually sexy
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I Tried Every Kind Of Period Panty, And Here's What You Need To Know
To the many pairs of stained, worn-out period panties I've owned over the years ... so I've been all about this hiphugger style. The lace waistband gives seamless stretch and a bit of prettiness. Plus, it reminds me of my treasured Hanky Panky collection.

Things That Exist: Period Panties
Period panties: We’ve all got ‘em. Let’s just say they’re probably not the prettiest pairs in your underwear drawer—and you don’t want anyone to see them. That’s all about to change, thanks to a new line of undies created specially for TOM.

Review: THINX Hiphugger and Hi-Waist Period Panties
and I use my Thinx panties monthly (I have the Cheeky and Sport cuts), but had been wanting to try the classic Hiphugger and the new High Waist design, and presto! Here they are. Just in time for my period. YUSSSSS! They’re cute, right? Sleek and black.

THINX Period Panties Review and Giveaway (5/18)
Using THINX period panties gives me so much relaxation and stress relief. The THINX hiphugger panties are great with cup use, I know that I can wear my cup on the heaviest days while not being afraid of an overspill leak. The THINX period panties are not.

Period Panties With Anti-Abortion Politicians' Faces On Them Will Liven Up Shark Week
If you've ever wanted to put your reproductive rights in the face of a right wing politician, these period panties with anti-abortion politicians' faces on them are for you. "Period underwear" is the kind of underwear that absorbs your period blood without.

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