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Indian men are terrible at buying underwear. This startup wants to help
At a time when the internet is changing the way Indians buy groceries, pay bills, and commute, three young entrepreneurs are using technology to help men upgrade to better underwear ... based on the brands—such as Hanes, Levi’s, UCB, FCUK, Park.

What’s the Best Men’s Underwear?
Much like socks, the best underwear should be comfortable, durable, and stylish (you can bet they will somehow be seen). Which is why as wonderful as the cheaper options on Amazon were, we thought we’d ask some guys (and several men’s-fashion insiders.

Will Men Start Spending $100 on Underwear?
Frigo No. 1 is underwear — men’s underwear — that costs $100 for one pair. So what makes a single pair of these drawers cost as much as a two-month supply of Hanes? The new luxury undergarment signals a new relationship between men and their briefs.

Men's Underwear Sales Show Bulge in the Economy
Emporio Armani’s selection of David Beckham as a spokesperson has heralded in the fashionable appeal of fitted men’s briefs beyond the standard Hanes Michael Jordan hawked. The mainstream appeal of fashionable briefs reached further heights in February.

A Brief (or Boxers) Primer: A Guy's Guide to Buying Underwear
But somewhere in between cleaning your private parts and putting on your kicks, you're going to be putting on some underwear. While most guys are content to walk into their local big box retailer and cop a Hanes three-pack, there's a little more you should.

Hanes Hummus' Lawyer Pens Biting Rebuttal in Response to Hanes Brands' Cease and Desist Letter - ABC News
The Canadian hummus maker behind Hanes Hummus says he refuses to shut down his small business after Hanesbrands Inc., the underwear manufacturer, threatened to sue for trademark violation and demanded that he destroy his products. The difference between.

Is That A Snake In Your Briefs?
Well then, Anaconda Underwear is just what you need! You’re packing above average artillery, so you can’t settle for regular old Fruit of the Loom or Hanes briefs. And just so the ladies know what they’re dealing with beforehand, make sure to let.

Hanes underwear goes tagless
For more than two decades, basketball legend Michael Jordan has been the face of Hanes men’s underwear and he appears in three new television commercials. “These ads do a great job of driving home the point of how annoying tags are in a very funny and.

HanesBrands to Acquire DBApparel, the Leading Intimate Apparel and Underwear Company in Europe, to Leverage Its Innovate-to-Elevate Strategy and Global Supply Chain
and the company is a leader across Western and Central Europe where Hanes does not have a material presence. DBA sells intimate apparel, hosiery, and men’s underwear, with nearly half of total company sales coming from intimate apparel. DBA is No.1 in.

9 warm pairs of long underwear guys can wear this winter
Brands like Patagonia, REI, Smartwool, and Hanes make some of the best options to keep you ... the one-piece design ensures heat stays locked in. By reinventing men's underwear, Tommy John is easily the most comfortable pair of thermals you can buy.

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