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Time (Eats) Flies: Clock Powers Itself by Catching & Eating Bugs
Cat clocks. Cuckoo clocks. Grandfather clocks. Often times, clocks are named after the objects, animals, or people they resemble. Not so the fly clock: This mechanical wonder is billed as the first-ever carnivorous clock, sucking energy from decomposed fly.

Companies Built On A Single Product
While the company has gotten smart in the offering of bras, panties, maternity and men's solutions, its sole purpose is still the same: what goes on under your clothing is entirely Spanx's business. In a day and age where most companies have almost too.

Little People, Big World Star Body-Shamed for Posting Baby Bump Photo
Jenn is perhaps best known as the author of the popular parenting blog Breed ‘Em and Weep (2005-2012). She’s written for many magazines, newspapers and websites, including Brain, Child Magazine, Literary Mama, and The Boston Globe. Jenn’.

Why a ‘Panicked’ NBC Had Savannah Guthrie Cut Short Her Maternity Leave and Come Back Early
“Today” show fixture Savannah Guthrie reportedly cut her maternity leave short after executives at NBC asked her to come back early. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that it was all about ratings, with the execs “in a panic” as they watched.

Titleist Sues Seller Of Parody “Titties” Merchandise
I Made Bogey is an online golf apparel company that sells products with slogans you’d expect to see on the Wildwood boardwalk. There are a series of t-shirts inspired by Happy Gilmore. There are red “MAKE GOLF GREAT AGAIN” hats. But the bulk of the.

GameStop Will Be Open On Thanksgiving This Year, To Employees' Dismay
GameStop’s stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day this year, the company told staff during a series of conference calls this morning, according to two people who were on those calls. It’s a change in policy that has upset some employees of the massive.

I'm Pretty Sure This Volkswagen Electric Concept Teaser Video Is For A New Type 4
Volkswagen has released a little teaser video before the Frankfurt Auto Show of a new concept in their I.D. electric car series, said to be a development of their previous I.D. Crozz concept. I think I figured out what this one is all about, though: it’s.

Journalist Nearly Banned from YouTube and Gmail For Posting Al-Qaeda Videos From Chelsea Manning Trial
YouTube’s latest push to ban terrorist propaganda across its ubiquitous video platform is getting off to a rough start. Earlier this week, noted investigative reporter and researcher Alexa O’Brien woke to find that not only had she been permanently.

H&M sends shoppers into a frenzy as it unveils a budget version of Gucci's iconic loafers - but can YOU tell the £540 pair from the one that cost £20?
H&M is famed for its purse friendly takes on the latest trends, and its latest offering is sure to send fashion fans into a frenzy. The high street giant has unveiled a budget version of Gucci's must-have black loafers, costing 27 times less than the.

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