Exmobaby Bodysuit For Men


Peace for parents? New 'smart' baby suit contains sensors that tell you WHY your child is crying
A new baby suit with built-in 'biosensors' could take some of the anxiety out of parenting - letting parents know WHY their baby is crying. The Exmobaby suit has a thermometer, heart rate monitor and movement sensor built into the fabric. The gadget.

Elon Musk Unveils SpaceX's Sleek New Space Suit
Easy to do either separately.” As The Verge points out, SpaceX’s suit is stunningly similar to unofficial photos that popped up a year ago on Reddit. No idea how that happened. In any case, enjoy the cool suits and listen to some Daft Punk maybe.

Coming Soon: The Wearable, Online, All-the-Time Baby Monitor - New York Times (blog)
The Exmobaby does offer promising new baby-interaction entertainment for the geekiest among us (and I would generally include myself in that number): you can label and record various moods, like “giggly,” or “grumpy,” and then see if the moods.

Bothered by Your Bald Baby Girl? Enter 'Baby Bangs' - New York Times (blog)
I have three sons, and they each had a healthy crop of hair at birth. So who am I to judge the thinking behind Baby Bangs, “the first and only Ready2Wear hairstyle hairbands ever made”? They are, just as the name and description suggest, headbands with.

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