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The undercover story: A briefs history of Y fronts
For men, 19 January, 1935, was their equivalent of the day Mary Jacob patented the first bra in 1913 or the moment in 1959 when ... and first designed in 1925 by a Joseph Golomb, founder of the Everlast company that still makes boxing equipment.

EXCLUSIVE: 'It's like iPhone explosions, TV explosions, refrigerator explosions.' Owner of largest hoverboard company defends his product that keeps bursting into flames (as he ...
an apparent reference to eBay, Zake International, Everlast Inc., Everstrong Inc. and Compu Capital Inc. The address for most of them are the same factory in South Bend where Swagway is located. When Daily Mail Online visited the site it was a large.

Are you green and don't even know it?
Whether it's buying a used item on eBay or supporting eco-conscious companies ... they are naturally biodegradable. Adidas Bamboo sport top and sport braThis sports bra top has eco-friendly bamboo fibers (to reduce odor). Bamboo is a versatile wood.

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