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Women over forty need to go under the knife to stop their men cheating: Expert claims surgery is only way to curb ... - Daily Mail
Have you ever wondered what you have to do to keep your man's eye from wandering? One woman thinks she has the answer - it involves a scalpel and some silicone. Self-titled sex expert Louise Van Der Velde is telling women who reach their forties to get&nbsp.

Spieth comes back from brink to win British Open - Daily Mail
After hitting his drive miles right into unplayable thick rough, Spieth became engaged in a lengthy debate with officials before taking a drop from the adjacent practice ground. The images brought back memories of Jean Van de Velde's infamous collapse.

Scorned no more: How a Yale lecturer and one-time suspect in the brutal 1998 murder of his student has worked his way back to teaching
In a matter of weeks, James R. Van de Velde turned from prestigious Yale University lecturer to scorned murder suspect in the high-profile slaying of one his students. Now almost 15 years and several odd jobs later, Van de Velde has found his way back to.

Can sex parties REALLY save marriages? Woman who arranges raunchy shindigs frequented by 'huge celebrity ... - Daily Mail
A dating guru who says her love for her boyfriend is 'deeper' because they have an open relationship is convinced that frequenting sex parties together can save a marriage. Louise Van der Velde , 40, who works as an international sex and relationship.

DON'T promise to stay faithful in your wedding vows as it will lead to DIVORCE: Dating guru who had an open marriage ... - Daily Mail
Wedding vows are one of the key foundations to marriage - where a couple promise to love, support and be faithful to each for as long as they live. But one relationship expert believes that the line in the vows where couples promise to be faithful to.

'Sex parties stop cheating:' Guru claims swinging with other couples SAVES marriages - because you know your ... - Daily Mail
Louise Van Der Velde , 43, from Yorkshire believes that experimenting with open relationships, threesomes and kinky sex parties is the secret to long lasting relationships. The sexpert, who currently has two lovers, is hosting seminars this weekend that.

Arriva Rail North staff to stage three-day strike in July over driver-only trains while Merseyrail workers announce ... - Daily Mail
Jan Chaudhry- van der Velde , Merseyrail's managing director, said: 'Although we brought several new initiatives to the table in the last round of talks, the RMT is unprepared to work with us to find middle ground. 'As well .... Ben Affleck and estranged.

Dutch volleyball star jailed for raping 12-year-old British girl after meeting her on Facebook - Daily Mail
A Dutch international beach volleyball player who travelled to the UK and raped a 12-year-old girl he met on Facebook was today jailed for four years. Steven Van de Velde flew from Amsterdam to Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, to meet the schoolgirl.

'Have a mix of different shapes and sizes!' Megan Gale fires back at Victoria's Secret Perfect Body ad... and slams ... - Daily Mail
Australian model and swimwear designer Megan Gale has spoken out against Victoria's Secret new Perfect Body campaign, which features ten identi-kit, very slim, tall models in its new Body bra line. The 39-year-old was on Friday's Today Show Grill panel&nbsp.

Confessions of Her Majesty's bra fitter: Measuring a half-dressed Queen (in front of her corgis), selling Diana her ... - Daily Mail
The first time I went to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen, I was utterly terrified. Without ever having been introduced, I'd been told to be outside Her Majesty's bedroom at precisely one minute to nine in the morning, ready to perform the most.

Georgetown University atones: College will give preferred admission to the descendants of 272 slaves the school sold ... - Daily Mail
Georgetown Shares Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation Report, Racial Justice Steps | Georgetown University Georgetown University.

Outbreak: Ebola is the world's deadliest plague - and it's so virulent, even Glasgow's Commonwealth Games are now ... - Daily Mail
Beneath a plastic protective hood and full body suit, goggles, wellingtons, two pairs of gloves and a breathing mask is Cokie van der Velde , a 54-year-old Yorkshire woman who has left her family and beloved allotment behind to save lives in a frontline.

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