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Watch: Will Smith Takes On The NFL In New International Trailer For ‘Concussion’
It’ll be interesting to see how much longer the NFL can stay silent, because in just over a month, in theaters nationwide, an awards season movie, led by A-list star Will Smith, will shine an ugly light on America’s favorite pasttime. “Concussion.

Does the Genie Bra really give you support and comfort?
Do you have bra problems? The underwire digs into your skin; it's uncomfortable and it doesn't give you enough support? The Genie Bra is supposed to solve that problem. Debbie from Surprise says she has had a lot of failures with different bras.

Buy Dildos on the Taxpayer Dime in Louisiana
And undergarments in general are a pretty basic necessity, so not beyond the pale as an EBT purchase per se. But you can sure buy your bras cheaper at Target than at a lingerie shop. And from the looks of things, the kinds of items Kiss My Lingerie.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month events in Central Jersey
Susan G. Komen Central & South Jersey Race for the Cure is at 7 a.m. Oct. 4 at Six Flags Great Adventure. Kristina Lachaga will share her ‘big pink heart’ with breast cancer survivors at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Has Wimbledon Compelled Women to Play Bra-less to Adhere to All-White Dress Code?
In the past, players were able to get away with colored undergarments. This year, some women have supposedly been required to play bra-less after their apparel was deemed non-conforming. British player Naomi Broady (above) did not wear a bra for Wednesday.

Expert Tips on What Baby Basics to Buy (And What to Skip!)
There are also essentials for both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding families: nursing bras, breast pads, a pump, six bottles, a bottle brush and drying tree, and of course, burp cloths. “Most people spend $14,000 on baby’s first year alone,” Gordon.

Terrorists and rogue states are 'absolutely certain' to get their hands on Terminator-style killer robots in the 'very near future', experts warn
Dr Wilby also added the rise in self-driving cars which use on-board computers give terrorists another chance to carry out attacks. He added: 'The genie's out of the bottle and the capability is out there.' Professor Noel Sharkey, who is an expert in.

Hobby Lobby: the Bible verses behind the battle
Washington (CNN) – For the Greens, the Christian family behind the Hobby Lobby chain of stores, their battle with the Obama administration was never really about contraception. It was about abortion. After all, the evangelical Greens don't object to.

Can color help the baby blahs? (Bravado Spring Giveaway!)
Special Note: While color therapy can never cure anything as serious as PPD, which is a very serious condition best left to a doctor’s treatments ... So when Bravado (the one nursing bra and tank that got me through that first year) told me that they.

Feeling nostalgic: 12 TV theme songs you loved
Andrew Gold, who’s responsible for the 1970s hit “Lonely Boy” - which was featured in flicks like “Boogie Nights” and “The Waterboy” - died on June 3. The 59-year-old singer-songwriter also penned “Thank You for Being a Friend,” the song.

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