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Feeling nostalgic: 12 TV theme songs you loved
Andrew Gold, who’s responsible for the 1970s hit “Lonely Boy” - which was featured in flicks like “Boogie Nights” and “The Waterboy” - died on June 3. The 59-year-old singer-songwriter also penned “Thank You for Being a Friend,” the song.

Sense and Shiftability - read an extract from Ciara King's Diary
I had heard from one of the girls in my year that there was a leopard print bra in Penneys and I wanted it – no ... Not that I cared or anything. From watching Dr Phil on Oprah once, I was able to suss out this John guy fairly quickly.

6 Reasons Guys Who Finish Quickly Make The BEST Husbands
So here's why men that finish fast make the best husbands. 1. Shorter sex = more sleep ... That's even more insulting than asking if he remembered to pick up diaper genie refills while he's experimenting with a new move he saw on Pinterest.

New thermal imaging iPhone case lets users see through walls
FLIR Systems has announced that the FLIR ONE thermal imaging accessory for smartphones will be available tomorrow for pre-order online. The FLIR ONE is a lightweight accessory that transforms an iPhone 5 or 5s into a powerful thermal imager. When paired.

Does the Genie Bra really give you support and comfort?
Do you have bra problems? The underwire digs into your skin; it's uncomfortable and it doesn't give you enough support? The Genie Bra is supposed to solve that problem. Debbie from Surprise says she has had a lot of failures with different bras.

Party On Arrest Report: “It’s A Personal Matter”
Following radio reports that One Bermuda Alliance MP Nandi Outerbridge was arrested, the OBA has referred all questions to the MP’s lawyer saying it is a “personal matter.” The Bermuda Broadcasting Company reported that the MP was arrested and.

11 (Supposedly) Haunted Things Put Up for Sale on eBay
Everything is more interesting if you add ghosts, especially when it comes to bras, jewelry, and Ziploc baggies ... ring claims it contains the spirit of Micilia, an “omnipotent genie queen" who—just for the record—"has given permission and requested.

Christina Aguilera reveals her bra size (Hint: Size HUGE)
This time the crack reporters have the inside scoop on Christina Aguilera’s bra size. I tried to beat them to the punch ... That magic lamp he found did have a genie it. Sure, the third wish yielded him a bride, but he regrets wasting his first two.

Say goodbye to underwires, cup sizes and straps: Genie Bra designed to 'move with your figure' launches in Tesco and Bhs
But now lingerie-designers have come up with the ultimate solution - a sports bra-style garment that offers total support with no underwiring, hooks or adjustable straps. The Genie Bra has sold a million units in the U.S in just one week and sold out in.

1990 Things From The 90s To End The Nostalgia Once And For All
The Magic Treehouse" image via Imgur. All of the rest via Getty.

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