Dirty Bra Infection Hoaxes


18 Gross Behaviors Every Woman Secretly Does
Literally never washing your bra. Look, it's not like it's bottom underwear, and it's not like it's getting exposed to outside elements like dirty subway pants or anything ... Just looking at it gives you a yeast infection and you've only worn it in.

Could your bra size leave you prone to a nasty skin infection?
I felt dirty, even though I showered every ... I also found the wire from underwired bras would really dig in and aggravate the whole thing.' Intertrigo is a fungal, bacterial or viral infection of broken skin. As well as large-chested women, it is a.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
The weekend is for press conferences about video games. Also, maybe playing some video games, but probably just hearing about new ones. To be honest, I will be spending the weekend arranging a complex multi-monitor setup to cover E3 press conferences in.

John Cena Gets Dropped On Head, Tells Shinsuke Nakamura “Don’t Be Sorry”
The first reaction a lot of people had to the news that Shinsuke Nakamura would face John Cena in a number one contenders match on WWE SmackDown was anger. “Why are they fighting on free TV?” people asked. It sounds silly—isn’t it better that it.

Tropical bird likely blown off course by Hurricane Jose
A tropical bird never before seen in Massachusetts has been rescued from a Cape Cod beach after it was likely blown off course by Hurricane Jose. Wild Care ... discomfort likely due to a fungal infection. Massachusetts Audubon science coordinator Mark.

Doctors beg you not to ‘cleanse’ your vagina with a cucumber
They claim the fruit’s high vitamin content “helps sanitize and maintain a pleasant odor” down there and can even ward off sexually transmitted infections ... “Vaginas are not dirty. Study after study after study tells us that douches, cleanses.

Pa. recovery community fearful over GOP Medicaid plans
And I would worry about that.” If Medicaid funding is reduced, Kawasaki said she expects more people to die from overdoses, and predicts a rise in hepatitis C and HIV infections because of dirty needles. Yurgaitis, the patient in recovery, gets emotional.

This bizarre trend could increase the risk of contracting STDs like gonorrhoea and HIV
Bloggers claim that the vegetable is really good for genitals as it sanitises, gives a pleasant odour and reduces the chances of sexually transmitted infections ... Moreover, vaginas are not dirty. There have been a number of studies that tell us that.

Why You Should Wash Those Dirty Gym Clothes Immediately
For the study, Callewaert and his fellow researchers had 26 healthy people, with no skin infections or medical disorders ... The big takeaway from this study? Definitely wash those dirty gym clothes -- ASAP.

Ask Amy: Marriage flounders over financials
Dear Amy: I am married to a beautiful woman. We have two wonderful daughters. For the past two years, a distance has grown between us. This has been a rough year for me. I left a good job for another that didn’t pan out. I then landed a great job with a.

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