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Outside Lands 2011: Your Ultimate Festival Survival Guide
That is, if you abide by the following easy tips, curated especially for you by a few seasoned Outside Lands veterans: Bring layers. This is San Francisco, people. No matter how much sun Lindley ... that flask in a towel or hide it in your bra, if you.

Fun and Functional Liquor Luggage
With the summer sun shining high in the sky ... The Wine Rack – Designed for only the classiest of dames, the Wine Rack is a bra designed to hold the beverage of your choice and, as long as it’s full, adding a little enhancement until the beer goggles.

The NT News provides the perfect Christmas gift guide, for the person you love, or the person you hate.
And what to by the busy woman who has everything, including a drinking problem? The Wine Rack Flask Bra is the answer. Or for that busy, booze hound lady on the go, the wine rack flask bra. Picture: SUPPLIED Not only does it lift and give a firmer.

Urban Outfitters sells flasks concealed as tampons for sneaking alcohol past bouncers at clubs and concerts
Nobody's gonna question tampons.' A similar idea is the Wine Rack Flask Bra, which can contain an entire bottle of wine while boosting the wearer's breasts by a size or two. The bra comes with a drinking tube connected to the cups, letting you sip on your.

Local yogis reveal best gear, essentials
Amy's favorite yoga top/sports bra: Forever 21. "You can buy three of them (at approximately $20 per piece) for the price of one Lululemon top." September is National Yoga Month. While the month is winding down, there are plenty places to celebrate.

Wanna dispose of some sodium? Na.
You might think I’m posting this just because of the awesome title above, but in fact it’s for a video that’s even better. I know! Here’s the scoop: after WWII, the US government found they had some extra sodium no one wanted, so they disposed of.

I Hid 3 Bottles of Wine in My Clothes and Nobody Noticed
There's a sports bra with a hidden bladder, a scarf with a secret nozzle, and even a stylish bracelet into which you can pour your spirit of choice. I imagine when most people purchase these items, they're thinking they'll get away with one flask.

LED Message Fidget Spinner Will Kill Teachers' Brief Tolerance of the Ubiquitous Toy
The fidget spinner is a global phenomenon that has inspired thinkpieces about cultural anxiety, the changing retail landscape, and above all, whether or not it should be allowed in the classroom. Many teachers have embraced the toy as a tool for kids with.

Melbourne primary school students given bizarre homework assignments
but I have to explain why there is a woman in a bra in his homework,” Alan said. “What gives a schoolteacher the right to expose my child to what would be an adult concept in an M-rated movie?” How the “flask tie” works. He said he was concerned.

Would you take a 'tampon flask' to a festival?
The retailer also offers other "stealth flask" products aimed at ladies, including a "stealth hair brush" and bra inserts. But if you’re a man ... umbrella and sneaky Hawaiian Islands-branded "sun cream". If, however - for whatever reason - doing.

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