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When cliff jumps go wrong: Colorado woman airlifted to hospital after spectacular belly-flop from an 83-foot-high ledge - Daily Mail
A woman had to be airlifted to a Colorado hospital by emergency crew after she dramatically belly-flopped while trying an 83ft cliff dive. Over the Fourth of July holiday, Rachel Dukich recorded the fall at Paradise Cove Cliff, just west of Colorado.

First National Bank announces winners of annual Customer Photo Calendar Contest - Boothbay Register
To continue First National Bank's tradition of being genuine Maine community bank, the custom calendars are being designed by Elm Street Marketing Essentials in Camden. “Every year we are amazed by the spectacular photographs taken by our customers&nbsp.

United bars two girls in leggings from boarding flight to MSP - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Two girls barred from United flight for wearing leggings Washington Post.

Female Sportswear Store Hosts Local Bra “FitFests” - 5280 | The Denver Magazine
three Colorado locations (dates and times vary) to receive a custom sizing and expert advice from the company's “bravangelists” on what bra works best for your body shape and preferred exercise regimen. Once you're happy with the fit , test the.

SUV submarine! Woman in her 70s drives her car into a pool at Colorado Springs resort after she hit the accelerator ... - Daily Mail
A Colorado woman turned her car into a submarine when she sent it plunging into the bottom of a swimming pool at a resort on accident. Hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes, a woman in her 70s crashed her black Lincoln SUV into the pool at the&nbsp.

Raising Rippers - Outside Magazine
“I want to be one of those kids who don't go through puberty,” my older daughter told me the other day on a hike. “I don't want to get big boobs!” I almost fell over. She's only eight, skinny as a stick, a tomboy since birth. We haven't yet begun.

Female Entrepreneurs Are Finally Taking Control of the Lingerie Industry
There’s this unbelievably crazy statistic floating around: 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. It’s a widespread phenomenon ... the structure and flexibility in fabrics to make styles that custom-fit women, that mold to your curves.

A wild animal sanctuary in Colorado has euthanized all its animals after a relocation dispute. - Daily Mail
Colorado Parks and Wildlife say they are aware of the mass euthanasia at Lion's Gate, which states on Facebook that its purpose was to 'rescue and protect exotic animals', but said that sanctuary owners are within their legal rights to work with their.

Frightening feeding time: Watch park ranger dressed as a T-Rex dinosaur get perilously close to a fearsome 500lb ... - Daily Mail
A very brave park ranger dressed in a blowup T-Rex costume teases a huge alligator with a fish, in this hair-raising video. Jason McDonald, who works at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, disguised himself as the dinosaur to taunt the 500lb Morris with.

You Have a Bra Problem and the Startup World Is Obsessed With Solving It
Among the better-known startups is True & Co ... her bra size. There’s a catch. It’s not a normal bra size; it’s a custom ThirdLove size. It starts with “TL” and is followed by three digits. If ThirdLove is going to give you a better fit.

Ex-Microsoft staffers create algorithm to find the perfect bra - minus the measuring tape
San Francisco entrepreneurs Aarthi Ramamurthy and Michelle Lam announced the launch of their online bra shop True & Co. on Wednesday, claiming they’ve come up with an algorithm to help women find the best possible fit in ... told the Daily News.

True & Co. Launches Mobile Try-on Truck
Data-based lingerie e-tailer True & Co. has made a name for itself with a Fit Quiz that matches bra recommendations far beyond just ... wood and steel, and was custom-built by Popshopolis and designed by Spiegel Aihara Workshop and Mobile Office Architects.

Fit matters, times two - Colorado Springs Independent
Many retailers that sell bras offer free sizing. Some places take it a little more seriously — like Title 9, the women's athletic outfitter with a store on Tejon Street. At Title 9 they refer to themselves as bravangelists, and have regular events.

'There is a bear behind me!' Colorado woman screams when she pulls into her garage and finds a 400-pound beast ... - Daily Mail
39;Dangerous' bear under a death sentence as Colorado Springs woman deals with backlash Colorado Springs Gazette.

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