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Native American totem pole used as a coat stand for 30 years is worth more than £100,000
A Native American totem pole that has been used as a coat stand in a backroom in Britain for the past 30 years could be worth more than £100,000. The 6ft 7ins sculpture was bought by wealthy entrepreneur, John Allen Hughes, nearly a century ago from an.

Cycling Plus Sportive: full results and report
The Cycling Plus Sportive was the opening road event at BikeRadar Live, and those who took part in it certainly found it a challenge. The furnace-like temperatures on Saturday were somewhat mitigated by the leafy lanes that featured heavily in all three.

First picture of female army recruit who died during training exercise at UK base
Privates Cheryl James, Sean Benton, James Collinson and Geoff Gray all suffered gunshot wounds. The Army website says initial training follows a 14-week ... Edward Maher and Craig Roberts concluded they would have survived if commanders had followed.

Sunday Talk - Autumn WINS
Facing the most difficult political environment since they took control of Congress in 1994, Republicans begin the final two months of the midterm campaign in growing danger of losing the House while fighting to preserve at best a slim majority in the.

Guildford & Villages • March 2017
£14.67bn – The total value of all Guildford Property Market “How much would it cost to buy all the properties in Guildford?” This fascinating question was posed by the 11-yearold son of one of my Guildford landlords when they both popped into my.

Bad News for Roosters: If You Aren't King of the Henhouse, Your Ejaculate Will Be Ejected
Scientists had already noticed that hens tended to squirt out semen after some acts of intercourse. To see if males low on the totem pole within the group had their sperm shown the door more frequently than high-caste males, the team monitored the sperm.

Real Lives: The entertainer who's chosen to turn prejudice on its head
“I really only told her because my brother caught me wearing my mum’s bra when I was about 13 and he kept threatening ... hate crime focus groups and with Liverpool city council in training door security men and women. And personally, she says, she.

ESPN's Kornheiser suspended for two weeks
Now it's Tony Kornheiser who has put his foot in his mouth. The co-host of ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" - known as much for his sarcastic jokes as his sports talk - turned his commentary to ESPN colleague Hannah Storm's outfit on his radio show last.

Matchups: Ridley Me This
When pitting Bears personnel against the Colts' on an offense-versus-defense basis, the one major mismatch that stands out is Chicago's powerful, versatile run game, which should ram the ball down Indy's throat. The Colts lost NT Brandon McKinney (ACL), NT.

The 5,000 small business owners supporting David Cameron and the Conservatives
In an election boost for David Cameron, more than 5,000 small business owners signed a letter to The Telegraph, praising the Tories' economic plans and warning against Labour. The complete list of signatories 1 Peter Knowles Chairman The Crossroads Ltd.

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