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'They wanted her dead': My Best Friend's Wedding test audiences hated Julia Roberts' original happy ending - Daily Mail
My Best Friend's Wedding director explains flawed original ending

Play it (all) again, Diane! Keaton's AFI Lifetime Achievement gala draws A-listers in support of iconic actress ... - Daily Mail
Woody Allen Makes Rare LA Appearance at Diane Keaton AFI Event Hollywood Reporter.

10 Interesting Facts About the Bra
10. Bras Were Invented in Ancient Greece Next time a girl offers you a chance to take off her bra, tell her to cool her jets and listen to this amazing factoid first. The bra was first invented in ancient Greece. This means the garment your hypothetical.

Robbie Williams puts on energetic performance for London gig... after he was nearly rushed to hospital following ... - Daily Mail
It was very scary when it happens because you don't know what it is. It takes you by surprise. It's very painful and there's no explanation of what's happening. 'His arm went limp and he was just lying on the couch and we weren't sure whether to take.

Would you pay Β£1231813 to freeze time like Jen? Two pictures, a staggering 17 years apart. So how does Jennifer ... - Daily Mail
The latter is, says Aniston, 'like a little workout for your face'. Two wands β€” one delivering a positive current, the other negative β€” are held against the face to tighten the skin. It costs around Β£90 an hour, and is recommended monthly. As for.

Braless Alexa Chung teases a glimpse of her assets in a semi-sheer green gown as she lets her hair down at the ... - Daily Mail
He's very funny and clever and was an amazing director to work with because he managed to create very natural moments with someone who doesn't know how to act. 'He wanted to explore that sort of Lost In Translation connection moment that happens&nbsp.

Who knew they were friends? Dakota Johnson hitches ride with Giovanni Ribisi as they leave Jennifer Meyer's 40th ... - Daily Mail
For a scion of celebrity and star of a massive global film franchise, snagging a ride with Giovanni Ribisi must seem like no big deal. Dakota Johnson was spotted in the passenger seat of his car Saturday night, when they'd both attended jewelry.

Kris she for real? Momager Jenner, 61, flashes her bra in extreme plunging black dress as she seriously splashes the ... - Daily Mail
So it perhaps comes as little surprise that Kris Jenner, 61, was pictured following a major splurge at high-end store Hermes in Monaco on Tuesday. Leaving the shop with her long-term boyfriend Corey Gamble, 33, the pair were accompanied by members of&nbsp.

April Fools' Day 2016: Brand pranks logged, the truth exposed
On 1 April no one can be trusted and, as per usual, you might have noticed some strange announcements and product launches popping up on your ... those who know, and want others to know it. Flying to destinations that don’t yet realise how cool they.

Quite an impression! Ed Sheeran painting that will hang in the National Portrait Gallery bears a striking ... - Daily Mail
The red hair, the scruffy beard, the faraway look – can Ed Sheeran count Vincent Van Gogh among his ancestors? A portrait of the pop star that will hang in the National Portrait Gallery in London bears a striking similarity to a self-portrait of the&nbsp.

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