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R. Kelly's Alleged Sex 'Cult' and the Shield of Fame - The Atlantic
R. Kelly Is Holding Women Against Their Will In A โ€œCult,โ€ Parents Told Police BuzzFeed News.

How to Buy the Right Wedding Lingerie for Your Dress -
Shopping for bras and underwear might not be as exciting as finding your dream dress, but don't overlook the importance of these foundation pieces. (They're called that for ... The one thing to keep in mind when shopping for shapewear ? It absolutely.

Jails struggle with hygiene for some women inmates - Houston Chronicle
Advocates such as Diana Claitor of the Texas Jail Project, however, say Schehr's treatment was inadequate and perhaps indicative of officials' general disrespect for women's needs. Claitor called it unethical to deny such products in the name.

Who will be the next Sarah Blakely? 3 technological advances in underwear
In 2000, Sarah Blakely launched a line of ... a pair of control-top pantyhose. Her product, Spanx, caught on by word of mouth (she has yet to spend a penny on advertising), and 12 years and dozens of tummy-slimming, butt-smoothing, seamless underwear.

The five underwear secrets every woman has
In quite the most vital vote of the week, a survey by the Queenโ€™s underwear supplier ... One of the happier consequences of my control freakery is that - where most women possess only one such paragon - so I possess five of my chosen ONE.

Thinx sold its period underwear as a feminist cause โ€” now its customers are questioning both - MarketWatch
They liked the company's bold, playful marketing campaigns, including one that plastered the New York City subway with images of grapefruits and of women in their signature underwear , and its support of sanitary products for girls in developing countries.

The Better-Than-Spanx Shapewear You Can Still Breathe In - New York Magazine
One day, as I was perusing one of the many blogs I read, I discovered the undergarments known as Undersummers โ€” stretchy, nonbinding underwear that creates a comfortable, slinky fabric barrier for your lower half. Much like traditional shapewear , the&nbsp.

Kiss that thong good-bye. Ditto, those torturous control-top contraptions paradoxically called briefs. After years of masochistic trends in panties, women are finally catching a break in the unmentionables department. Called by a variety of names โ€“ boy.

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If you've selected a dress that hugs your curves, you'll want to make sure that your bra and underwear are removing lines, rather than creating them. In this case, more full-bodied shapewear is the recommendation. Check out our roundup of bridal.

From Pantalettes to the present: the evolution of womenโ€™s underwear
July 19, 2017 - 16:02 BST by We track the fashion transformation of women's underwear ... underwear. As cute as this sounds, no one was really thinking about intimate health - all that lace and nylon's enough to make us squirm! Control.

Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Gives Back to Empower Women, Small Businesses - Variety
The 45-year-old entrepreneur โ€” whose products give confidence to stars and women around the world โ€” has emerged as one of the youngest self-made female billionaires following her simple yet genius invention: control - top pantyhose with the feet cut.

The Best Underwear for Your Butt Shape - Reader's Digest
Nicole Fornabaio/, shutterstock, via teddiesforbettys.comCommon among with women with boyish figures, square-shaped butts tend to be on the flatter side. Women with a ... Cheeky Panty . (Don't miss the best shapewear for every type of dress.)&nbsp.

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