Concept Audi 2003 Man'S Legs Wearing Black Panties


First Test: 2012 Audi R8 GT
There aren’t any straps between your legs, so if you over-tighten the ... The R8 rolls around you, not under you. Audi managed to capture the feeling of sitting down in the tub of a Le Mans race car. You really can trick yourself into thinking you.

Bella Hadid bares it all at Dior party...almost
Bella Hadid attends the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 Bal Masque as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 23, 2017 in Paris, France. >>Keep clicking to see photos of Bella Hadid's daring Dior look. Bella Hadid attends the Christian Dior.

Vegas or bust! Audi sends its self driving car on a 550-mile journey from San Francisco to Las Vegas
However, this year Audi delivered its latest hi-tech innovation in a unique way. The German car maker sent its self driving car on a 550-mile (885km) journey from San Francisco to Las Vegas. The A7 piloted driving concept utilizes the latest.

The Death Of Pretty
This post is intended as a lament of sorts, a lament for something in the culture that is dying and may never been seen again. Pretty, pretty is dying. People will define pretty differently. For the purposes of this piece, I define pretty as a mutually.

Pictured: The MODEL Lamborghini which goes on sale for £250000 (and it's only the prototype for a solid gold version ... - Daily Mail
With its metallic gold finish, glistening alloy wheels and seats encrusted with semi-precious stones, it's little wonder that this stunning Lamborghini cost around £200,000. But you'd have to be pretty tiny to take the supercar for a spin. This is the.

You're only meant to burn rubber! Lamborghini recalls almost 6000 supercars amid fears they will catch fire - Daily Mail
Ultra-Rare, $4 Million Lamborghini Recalled Bloomberg.

Big Game Hunter Crushed to Death by Elephant
According to a report from South African news outlet News24, a 51-year-old professional big game hunter met his demise on Friday when he was crushed by an elephant. And hey, I’m sure the possibility of that happening is what made his game so “fun.

The Someone You're Not
Driving While Black. It didn't have a name back in 1981 — nobody really talked about it openly until Rodney King had his run-in with the Los Angeles police a decade later. But every black man in America knew the concept ... the panties she was wearing.

Report: Patriots’ Spygate cheating was widespread over many years
Anyone who thought the Deflategate ruling was going to end any talk of the Patriots cheating is sorely mistaken. Both Deflategate and Spygate are stories that will have legs.

The Perfect Porsche 911 Really Does Exist And It's Lifted And Bright Purple
If there’s one car that really, truly got me into cars, it has to be the Porsche 911. I have seen many very good Porsche 911s in my lifetime, but Leh Keen’s off-road-ready Safari 6 911 may just be the best 911 I’ve ever seen. Everything about this.

Sobbing Old Guy Is Super Happy That His Team Just Scored
This tearfully happy nonagenarian is one Juan Osorio of Argentina. The very, very longtime (he’s 94 years old) fan of Argie club Independiente Rivadavia was overcome with emotion this weekend when the local boys doubled their lead against Argentinos.

What’s Wrong With This Picture: Americans Don’t Buy Hatchbacks Edition
This was the sight that greeted me when I left work this afternoon: one of the least popular cars on the American market and the Camry-on-stilts that drives the most successful brand to debut in America since the Vietnam War. The Mazda2 is often used by.

Bale goes crazy for his new boots! Real Madrid ace 'can't wait' to test new wheels - Daily Mail
Crazy and light. These are the Ronseal of football boots and do exactly what it says on the tin. They are the new adidas F50 crazylight, which weigh an incredible 135 grammes and are inspired by a garish green and black arrow design. Gareth Bale has.

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