Clear bra car paint


Protective film covers cars from scratches
He owns Livonia-based Clear Auto Bra Michigan, a boutique shop that applies Xpel Ultimate paint protection film to cars for private owners and many new-car dealerships. Owners often have expensive or exotic cars wrapped to protect their surfaces.

DIY Clear Bra from 3M—Prevents stone chips for under $50
Happily, my conundrum coincided with the introduction of 3M’s new Paint Defender spray-on clear-bra product. Better driving through ... and water are the elements that degrade the film, but my car lives indoors 98 percent of its life, and it seldom.

What Mods Will Be Most Common Amongst Tesla Model 3 Owners? (Poll)
Given that the Tesla Model 3 is by no means a cheap car, even if it isn’t anywhere near ... reading the last few days about people wanting to put clear bra’s on their M3’s to preserve the paint. This was something I really had not considered before.

1950 Jowett Javelin: still a sharp performer
I've heard of a car bra to protect paint from chips, but not one to protect the engine ... The radio works -- on AM only -- but it's clear the car has been well-used, and "who knows how many times it's been around the clock?" Once the car's idling, it.

A Chicken in Every Pot and a Cell Tower on Every Garage
Smart meters, smart phones, wireless printers, smart refrigerators, smart toothbrushes, smart bras, smart condoms, smart diapers, smart dolls, smart watches, driverless cars, a whole universe ... or they buy very expensive paint to coat their walls for.

1986 Chevrolet Corvette 1LT
DVD radio/player. Rear-end piece is 1993 Corvette. Paint job by Troy Custom $15,000. A/C. Clear-Bra on front and sides.Car appraised for insurance for $60,000. Will trade for CTS_V station wagon. BMW wagon, SSR pickup or custom 2 door/coupe auto.

Protecting your new car’s paint job
For car lovers, every new rock ... We got the inside story on paint protection film by visiting European Auto Tinting, an Edmonton-based company that’s been specialized in applying ‘clear bra’ films for 20 years. Business owner Ron Jansen has.

Yes, You Can Polish Your Faded Clear Bra, If You Know What You're Doing
Clear bras are great for protecting your car against rock chips, but their tendency to fade makes your paint looks dull and discolored. The best solution is to replace your paint protectant film entirely, but if you want to save yourself some money.

The Final Stages Of Porsche Restoration Are The Most Fulfilling
Once paint was done, the car's interior was refitted (after some further painting ... Perhaps the most interesting part, however, is the clear-bra installation. Watch the whole thing and tell us what part you liked most in the comments below.

My brand new 370Z 2018
The first time I saw this car at the dealership I said to my wife "i want THIS ... The color is striking. IMHO, good call on the clear bra. Mine's 3 years old and there's not a rock chip to be found. Best thing is that splattered bugs just wipe off with.

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