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So, what happened to Queen's Blade?
Several other shows that were in my queue suddenly have no episodes(Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls, Chu-Bra to name a couple). Seems to be shows that have a lot of fan service... It's not just Queen's Blade. Several other shows that were in my queue suddenly.

Hey, Answerman! - Out With The Old
It's also been a curious one for the anime industry - outside ... I'd survive to see this one through. Now, Chu-Bra's protagonist, as the series' name implies, is an underwear manic. Here's the thing: it's a fanservice series, yet the protagonist isn.

Où on reparle d'AZF... et d'une intuition ! - AgoraVox
Installée à l'origine, près du quai de Tounis, la Poudrerie est transférée dans l'île du Château (à côté de la cité universitaire Faucher), avant de s'étendre, toujours au sud, entre les bras de la Garonne. Trente mille ouvriers y travaillent.

Looking for recommendations for 2004 anime
As I did with 2001, 2002, and 2003, I’m looking for recommendations for what anime to watch from 2004. Wikipedia’s list is probably the easiest to browse. Same rules copy-pasting from last time. Don’t recommend anything too long (so no Sgt.

Chu-Bra!! review raises questions about fanservice
Over on Anime News ... exercise in fanservice and a genuinely heartfelt coming-of-age story, and the former makes the show a disappointing experience for those of us that are genuinely interested in the latter. I value the parts of Chu-Bra.

Five Figure Fridays: Senran Kagura
Senran Kagura has sold over one million copies and has multiple games and spin offs and an anime adaptation - facts speak for ... overt similarities with the character from another popular fan service series, Hakufu Sonsaku from Ikki Tousen, the makers.

Chu-Bra Episode #08 Anime Review
The fanservice kicks up several notches as it’s off to the ... Poor Komachi is about all that really needs to be said about this episode. Chu-Bra moves into one of the expected areas for a school based comedy show in that it’s time for a “club.

The Place for Purging Porn and Pedo-Pandering (AKA P5 flag evaluations):
edited 12th Feb '13 2:10:16 PM by Fighteer No surprises there: manga is classified as seinen (again, That Other Wiki, take with pinch of salt, you know the drill), anime - not really ... Update the final: Minimal fanservice. This seemed like more of.

Ancien présentateur de « Monsieur cinéma » et figure des « Enfants de la télé », Pierre Tchernia est mort à 88 ans - Le Blog de Jean-Marc Morandini (Blog)
Il anime l'émission Les Amoureux de la tour Eiffel en 1951 et crée une série d'émissions comme Monsieur Muguet s'évade, La Boîte à sel (1955-1960) et La Clé des champs (1958-1959). Il produit et présente L'Ami public numéro un, émission constituée&nbsp.

Top 10 Fashion Anime [Best Recommendations]
So for all of you with a fashionista heart, we share this Top 10 Fashion Anime, in the hope it‘ll motivates you ... the importance to know what the adequate underwear teenagers should use. Chu Bra!! Offers the viewers a peek inside the lingerie world.

Winter 2015 Anime Preview: I hope you like light novel adaptations…
I just know it had a gigantic cast, which included a headless rider who was nevertheless a hot anime babe from the neck down. Other than that, I have not the faintest clue what the story is even about. Will I Blog It? I’m not inclined to, but I’ll.

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