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Supreme Court's Murky Clean Water Act Ruling Created Legal Quagmire
the business community and individual landowners continue to suffer as a result of the confusion sown by the justices whose main job is to provide clarity in the law. The case concerned the efforts of Michigan landowner John Rapanos to develop a property.

Build Your Law Practice: Market to Millennials - WisBar
Could there be a better target market for law firms than a generation of 75 million tech-savvy 30-somethings who are buying cars, starting families, and launching companies? Numbering about a quarter of the U.S. population, millennials will have a.

Turning occupation into lasting change
If the Occupy movement is to succeed over time, it must follow the lead of community ... legal doctrines, so that corporations and their decision makers wield not only our legislatures against us, but also the courts – to protect their property, wealth.

What Is a Neighborhood Improvement District?
A brief history of NIDs Originally invented ... The establishment of a NID also allows the municipality "To collect special property assessments on behalf of the NIDMA...and to employ any legal methods to insure collection of the assessments.

Jail records show that Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Roy Miller has been arrested in Florida on a domestic battery charge
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Roy Miller was arrested early Saturday in Florida on a domestic battery charge, according to Duval County jail records. Miller was jailed shortly before 5 a.m. by the Jacksonville Sheriff's.

A brief history of post-war feminism in Toronto
I'll also take a brief look at what women were ... Early responded: "Now I'll have legal rights again. After all these years, I'll be legally entitled to live on the reserve, to own property, die and be buried with my own people." The Native Women's.

Wisconsin Biotech: A New Frontier for Lawyers - WisBar
Exact Sciences is just one example of a Wisconsin-based biotech company that relies on its legal team to make sure Cologuard is protected from intellectual property (IP) litigation and helps improve patient health. Within the entire state of Wisconsin.

Elder and Disability Law: How the Proposed State Budget Changes Family Care - WisBar
Whereas traditional Medicaid limits long-term care benefits to institutional/nursing home care, Family Care expands programs to provide long-term care services in one's home or in community -based residential facilities. Family Care is not available in.

Landmark Study: US Lawyers Face Higher Rates of Problem Drinking and Mental Health Issues - WisBar
Renc was halfway through her second year at the University of Wisconsin Law School when it hit her. β€œI realized that if I didn't get a handle on this, I wasn't going to be a lawyer.” Alcoholism was in the family genes. β€œDrinking became a crutch for me.

Prom and Graduation Time: What Parents Should Know About Liability for Underage Drinking - WisBar
Whether active or passive, there are serious legal consequences to those who host underage drinkers, especially when an intoxicated underage guest causes injury or death. These include forfeitures and penalties, civil liability under Wis. Stat. section.

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